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  1. You may have covered this Kabar2. I have often wondered how people get through long tunnels without getting choked out by train exhaust. I paint trains and tunnels and have noticed some of these tunnels are god-damned long. I cant imagine a person riding the train could know every tunnel that they are approaching. I would bet a long tunnel could catch someone by surprise. Just something I have wondered about.
  2. Good point.....wrong topic.:confused:
  3. "I should piss on ya'll like R Kelly.":D
  4. good day to you Kabar...went to the library today and picked up the video Ridin' Free. Great documentary except the dramatization part where a man in a suit leaves his car at a crossing and catches out. Other than that I did enjoy it. Took place '91 had the Hobo Day in Britt the king and queen was Minneapolis Jewel and Ohio Ned. I recommend this video to anyone interested in hopping trains.;)
  5. I can see where some of you are coming from with the health deal. I just dont understand those who drink and do lines of coke all night but wont eat a pig. Looking out for what they put in their body I guess.:rolleyes: You know the ones i'm talking about...and i'm out this bitch, have a great Sat. night!
  6. I like to eat cows...sorry.:evil2:
  7. Just take a little off the top....watch it now, I said a little.:eek:
  8. Just take a little off the top....watch it now, I said a little.:eek:
  9. Wrath...I need anger management!:heated:
  10. My boy Beats737....got so much soul its coming out of his asshole!:D
  11. I love you too....see ya soon cuzzo!;)
  12. Oakland forever.....King Dream Rest In Power!
  13. EasoeDSF


    "Now Hug not keepin' it gangsta'..thats like Hug in Alabama, thats like Hug without bannana clips...."
  14. Rest In Power GebOne! My thoughts and prayers are with her family and my old MDK pals.
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