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  1. can you sayyyyyy CAN CONTROL??? kiddies take notes... hahahaha^^^^^^^^^
  2. PREMIUM FOR $2.49... HOLY FUCK! now thats a deal!!!
  3. fucking DOPE!!! if thats really him Quoted post [/b] that is the FUCKING HARDEST FLICK EVER!!! hahaha... shhhhhh...
  4. whats dangerous about this cat is that he has so many styles and has mastered them ALL... keep bangin on em T!!!
  5. BUMP for them candian kids... why cant all threads be as sick??? lol... JABAone http://www.HomegrownBlends.com myspace.com/jabaone
  6. Done by Dayser??? Quoted post [/b] i think its DIESLOE from TVC san diego...
  7. OjayOne


    vatoe killin it... cool fuckin cat too...
  8. YO!!! havent been on here for a while now and GODDAM!!! yall are SAMSHIN it! i miss painting with all my homies out that way... no worries... i will be out there witchall again soon! catch some spots and go grine!!! hahahahaha... bogus, beamer, mean, melon, kat, quest, asen and rival... i will get at yall soon! yo MELON!!! hit me up again man... i never got to return your call fam... i will get at you soon. keep SMASHIN THAT ROCK YO!!!! love from san diego yall...
  9. HOKIS?! does that RONIE TVC really say "Hokis RIP"??? so it's true??? nah fuck that shit... i still refuse to believe it... fuck that... i was just hangin out with him in 2000... fuck that!!! if you know better, please hit me up... toddzilla619@yahoo.com
  10. YO!!! chekc this out!!!! The Armory, Lord One and the Hip Hop Congress present: the Hawaii HIP HOP WEEKEND!!! Friday Decmeber 12th "The 12 Ounce Assassins" Spray Can Art exhibit... featuring some of Hawaii's and California's TOP artists showing their artwork on SPRAY CANS. (@ the Armory 1012 Piikoi Street Suite 103 Honolulu, HI- from 8pm-12am. admission is FREE... BRING YOUR BLACKBOOKS...)- Afterwards... we're all migrating to STUDIO 1 to support the TRIP THE LIGHTS event... Saturday December 13th The Armory, Lord One along with ANYWEAR APC and Epitome Clothing present... "The Undeground Professionals Tour" featuring Emanon and The Icons. The Armory Djs along with Hawaii's own pioneer (yup i said it...) Kavet the Catalyst rockin the 1's and 2's. (@ The Hemenway theatre at UH. from 10pm-2am. Presale tickets are available at THE ARMORY; HAWAII for $10.00... $13.00 at the door) Sunday December 14th Lord One along with the Hip Hop Congress present "BBOY REUNION 3". Performing LIVE, one of HAWAII's DOPEST MCs, "Creed Chameleon" and "The Audible Lab Rats" rockin the MIC. MC battle being hosted by San Diego's own ICONS. (@UH Campus Center Ballroom from 2pm to 8pm. Admission is 3 cans of Spam to be donated to the Hawaii foodbank... come out and support...) if you have any questions, please hit up The Armory; Hawaii at (808) 597-8868 or check out our NEWLY UPDATED WEBSITE at www.TheArmoryHawaii.com peace... and THANKS for supporting the crew that supports you. Respect to the Flipside Fam, Anywear APC, DJ Solution, Dj Skid, DE, AF, EV, TE, Too Gruvs, Chris at Sera's, Epitome Clothing, Fumanchu Fam, Cros one and Freestyle Sessions, Wildstyle Technicians family, YOU and ANYONE else we forgot who has been down with the "A" from day one!!!
  11. hahaha... simply because this needs to be bumped back to the top... "Wildstyle Techs", just keep on rockin... JABAoneder- WST family...
  12. ummm... SAKE' still pushes IBM too... but yo... that new WST ish is ILL!!! hahaha... yeah boyee! make sure to peep the hawaii thred to check out whats burnin out here too. WORD!!! WILDSTYLE I REPRESENT!!!
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