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  1. SPRAYDATROOF you are just an ignorant mutt and don't realiz that it is written backwards. Fucking kids these days.
  2. i love where this crew has taken graffiti, fuck any of the haters out there, this whole crew has put in years of work and deserve everything they got... most of the people hating are fat mutts who dont even write, so keep all these pictures coming, whether they are street grime or art show shit, I like all of the different angles these dudes cover. If you have a problem with these dudes go out and try to stomp over there shit, you cant, end of story.
  3. fuck the colts, fuck the saints, lets go pats 2010
  4. yo where is deal/SHA(not shapes) or YAGEROCK at? this HEAT/HE, gits at me
  5. Graffiti Crew X/Graffiti Writer X is/are leaving/eft the nest/bean real/or fake sooooooooon/now
  6. HEONE HERE....anyone know whats good with my scribes in the 781/617...private message me, if you havent seen any of my shit, dont bother...i been here for years...grew up in dorchester, been traveling since birth....nomad style...free nomad, bring back trybe, rjay, spek, ftk, vlk...fuck the new school...theres still a few left of a dying brreeeeeeedd...fuck the internets...private message me if you want, if not, then get offline and pick up a can/pen/marker/cap/krink/etc
  7. good to see a few boston og's still holdng it down
  8. anyone ever see that movie 187 with samuel l jackson...in the movie opening, there is a nice red and yellow JA on a building..check it out


    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00306655f00000015.jpg'> quickie whatup clus,blend,amend,
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