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  1. yeah 637 st.catherines? that seems to be the world, people tell me they don't want to leave... thanks flowish, thats what I'm talkin about, I'll check out the art museum.. .I'll see the graffiti on the street, maybe go peep the bombing science store, shit like that... I don't really have any particular interests, I would be interested to hear about some good record stores though if you got time? anyone else, I'm out tomorrow...
  2. i was more wondering about local spots, any parks or shit where people chill at? strip clubs and alcohol are cool and all but I'd like to see some other shit
  3. toastone


    I'm headed up to Montreal next weekend to spend a little time there. I went there once for a bit but I didn't really do anything but get wasted. I was wondering if some local heads or others could kick a little knowledge my way, let me know about some of the fantastic things that I shouldn't miss when I'm in MTL... any replies of any kind would be more than appreciated...
  4. I was amazed when I saw a boxcar with amaze piece at this usually empty yard, so amazed in fact I rolled up over a curb and popped my tire
  5. I think K-Os is pretty ill, I heard him up in MTL, I guess he's kinda pop up there but that just goes to show that the canadian hip hop scene is raw... I'm feelin' a whole lot of canadian shit... josh martinez, sixtoo, swollen members all that shit, its hot cuzz
  6. looks like jazek took a lot of LSD in his day... thats a pretty ignorant assumption but, thats what it looks like to me
  7. i think the finest hoes are those ones that might look alright at first, good enough to fuck... then you get to know that biaznitch and you call her a woman instead of a biaznitch... shes so beautiful you wont need to tell mahfuckahz in your 12 oz signature... that shit is super dope china white type shit i dont know about all that celibacy jazz, I think I spelled celibacy right though... that shit is for suckaz
  8. come on now, we all know true happiness comes from within... casper you sound like an unhappy dude... your johanna probably has some problems too...
  9. i should say 'I've seen letters constructed in a manner that made them worse than yours' perhaps? or maybe, 'I've seen letters that were constructed more poorly than yours'? why does that sound fucked up, simply because more and poor rhyme? hell no, gots to be more than that
  10. those 'Live Free or Die' license plates are manufactured by the hard-working men in Concord state prison... I always that was kind of funny... dont get me wrong though, new hampshire is raw as fuck and this great state go'n remain gangstuh boyeee
  11. I used to go to a lot of 'hippie' shows, theres a lot of talented musicians playin' that shit, but for me it was always about the drugs... I loved my drugs, now they're like a childhood friend, don't have much in common with them anymore but I still say what up when they pass my way... I guess I went from bands like Phish into some contemporary jazz musicians, and the old school heads of course... a little funk here and there, now its hip hop... just my .005 on that shit
  12. cross hatching? whats that shit all about? I'm guessing fade with crossing lines, having them grow gradually further apart... I've heard the term a few times
  13. your shit is like freshly picked georgia pecans... I dont remember when I started posting here, it wasn't that long ago, I liked your work back then but now you're straight blazin 'em... thats how progression goes I guess, I can't imagine what you'll be up to in a few more months
  14. :lol: mahfuckah said mallgoths!
  15. i'll give you props on using bars, I've seen worsely constructed letters... stay simple like everyone said, but I'd save that sketch and take a look at it in a month or so see how you can get inspired by it when you got a little more work under your belt
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