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  1. haha, funny how before the fight Tsyzu was "an aussie" and would batter Hatton You can keep AFL.. Apart from Swimming and Rugby League what else are you beeter at? Quoted post [/b] tennis.. hockey.. cycling.... you want me to keep going? how many olympic medals did you clean up last year? ......nuff said
  2. retarded: (Often Offensive) Affected with mental retardation. Occurring or developing later than desired or expected. That means no bullshit drains, toy walls or country shit. I think the flicks on here should be catergorised into one or more of the three HHH's. High, Hot, and or How the fuck?
  3. good to hear, pm me with a photo, if your ever in AUS..... :kissa: :love: :love2: :naughty: :heartbeat: ..... maybe we could hookup
  4. revolutione


    dude your a straight up toy. fuck off! Mr. ABC close this wak thread.
  5. hahaha.. thanks guys.. I never actually said I was a fan of Dizee, just that he's kinda mainstream and brought more attention to UK stuff out here.. excuse my ignorance though, I can only comment on what makes it here and that until recently hasn't been much! haha.. But I saw Roots Manuva live and he was really good.. also a cat called Mystro performed at the trans tasman MC battle and he had a great live presence, haven't heard his recorded stuff yet only what he did on a local guy P Moneys latest album... Anyway, thanks again, will try to get some more flics up soon as.. been a bit snow
  6. i don't know if anyones already said it, but the sdm rollie with wankers written over it, is from melbourne, australia that whole stretch of track has massive rollies along it.
  7. just thought id chuck this one in. pounse one from Melbourne Australia.
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