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  1. Dunno if any of you care or not, but i set up www.motosoul.cjb.net until idea can fix his domain registration stuff. :P
  2. i'm down to trade, Phantom hit me up on aim, along with your starz, and slowpoke get back to me on aim too my aim; lewsuhmatt - cømmunist/cømmie
  3. so tuesday we had a 3 inch stack of LEMS ready to be put up, i'm heading to tiers house and bam broke my jaw in a car accident, so the next 6 weeks will consist of sticker making. while being doped up i havent been able to make good cut outs but oh well. so imma have an overstock soon :lol:
  4. there's like 40 writers with this character, but nice sticks. :D
  5. Sure, bring it on Seek Rip Etc.. But dont forget, i got info on "*****" "****" "****" and the rest of you guys. Dont think i wont stop by. :D ***-anyone else would have been banned for that shit. i however will allow you to stay on, just to watch you dig yourself even deeper, so i can laugh twice as hard, when 15 kids show up at your house and stomp the living shit out of you, and your parents too if they try to intervene. perhaps you'd think twice next time, if you had to look at your dad sitting there with a broken jaw cause you couldnt keep your fucking mouth shut. im not one for violence, but you're not asking for it, you're fucking begging. and the best part is, you dont even write, you just talk. -seeks
  6. crap.vandals


    hecz is crazy. more markers then me.:lol:
  7. dont forget pluto iges fohr and sehv; their shits rocking; along with jaunts shit [rip]
  8. Houston has a lot alot alot alot alot of great styles
  9. wow that's a good question. i slept during most of marketing class but what i incorpated is that comapnies, seek for advertising companies, and maybe ESPO had a Company or what not and that's how the picked him up. major companies hire people to even search for the advertising companies. that's my input.
  10. smokejuda Junior Member Registered: Mar 2003 Location: phila Posts: 77 didnt any philly heads do shit.. cneezy whats the deal --------------- answer: yes, ayem posted flix on PG with some philly kids. ----------------------- porque Member Registered: May 2002 Location: Posts: 589 ...please tell me more than 12 people painted... ------------------- there were like 20+ obviously look at the pics
  11. www.madtagz.tk > hec has pics there. RIP
  12. that "MOE LESTER" is like a huge Copy off that kid "WESTER". only Wester's shit looks alot better and has like 300 styles. Oh Well.
  13. tags are tight how can kids dis em? and everyone uses that "g" ghost didnt start it, oh well.
  14. nace! much! mber! and more. //bump.
  15. love it! TOTEM! SEVER! FEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:
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