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  1. Evict KYT has already written it ... crushed all-country for years. Names in graffiti overlapping is whatever. It's always going to happen & not worth getting riled up about in my opinion. The person who puts in the most/best work with the name is the one who will ultimately be remembered. That said, this new Evict has their work cut out for them if they wanna get past the comparison to Evict KYT. That dude was a bombing machine up in every major city in North America. Tough legacy to surpass.
  2. Holiday Bar on St. Marks. Place just recently closed. One more down.
  3. I think those were on Canal in a lot that's gone now? If not then I'm thinking of another pair of black and white pieces they did from around the same time. There were 2 big school buses parked in this pretty live lot for a while, right up against the wall, and when the buses eventually left the lot ... big black and white rime/setup pieces appeared ... right on Canal. I always liked seeing setup shit in manhattan ... seems like he was figuring out clever ways to get over on live spots.
  4. RIP to the person who died but in general it probably doesn't help your argument to point out someone who wrote "ohno" in a debate over whose name came before who.
  5. Bushwick. Cool to see this again. Big up Reams and Crook...
  6. Nice flicks. That "Jersey" one is actually Seattle, and was never finished.
  7. Peace to Dino and Grin. Nice to see bombing like that. Thought I'd post this in reference to that one quote I posted earlier. If anyone hasn't heard of Charizma ... Here's a Smirk, My World Premier, etc. Ill rapper. Classic 90s shit.
  8. Yeah, definitely. Certainly didn't mean to imply that the city hasn't bred any good writers. On the other hand, in the 2000 - now era I feel like I've noticed a fair share of kids that emerge then fall off pretty quickly. Other than a small handful of people there's not a whole lot of longevity coming out of Orlando.
  9. Not sure if anyone on here knew Will Durham but it would be cool if anyone in Orlando would acknowledge him somehow. Maybe some RIPs on trains or tags or whatever. Dude was an Orlando legend, and a friend. RIP Will Durham. http://truesk8boardmag.com/will-durham-dedication/16186/ RIP Nace. RIP Child. RIP Omen. RIP Oil.
  10. For some reason I'm gonna post some shit on here. Surely I will regret this. By the way, these aren't all from Orlando, but I am. So chill with the location feedback. Just a quick reminder that Orlando isn't all flash-in-the-pan writers or retired dudes from Miami. Manhattan, NY 1999 Newark, NJ 1998 Orlando, FL 1999 Aptos, CA 2001 Jacksonville, FL 2002 Manhattan, NY 2000 Somewhere down there in that other part of Florida, 2005. San Francisco, CA 2006 Pittsburgh, PA 2007 Bangkok, Thailand 2010
  11. Mixing your own paint was the funnest/most hazardous thing. Coming out with an ill jungle green or whatever. I definitely lost a few security deposits through trial and error in various apartments.
  12. Just because something's basic or simple doesn't mean it shows a lack of effort or even style. But in this case it looks like you're missing the point entirely. I've been at the last half-dozen or so NSF bbqs and the general vibe is never some big contest between everyone present to burn down a wall with time-consuming pieces. It's just a good time. Everyone gets together, drinks beers, cooks food, cuts up, and ideally gets a chance to catch up with each other in person, which can be a rare occasion for people who live in different cities. If anyone puts a lot of effort into their piece its simply because they felt like it, not because there's any "respect" issue going on with the guy next to them, or any pressure to meet some high-caliber wall standard or whatever. A lot of guys, myself included, will show up some years and not paint at all, just because its more fun to kick back in a lawn chair and crack jokes all day with friends than miss out on all that while hassling with a piece.
  13. Word to that, nicely said. Wasn't a close friend but painted and hung out with Child a few times before he passed. Have a good memory of watching him catch some daytime mop tags in Philly with Smurf taking flicks. Always seemed like a nice guy and uniquely motivated writer to me. RIP.
  14. Good to see that Orlando's local media is still generally fucking retarded.
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