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  1. aztec

    all my pictures

    is that the same kem from philly?
  2. aztec

    Eugene, Or.

  3. aztec

    as up!

    sucka?:heated: dam you talk different on the net. I know I shouldn't take this net shit seriously but damm
  4. aztec

    Toys post here...

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00314468f00000059.jpg'> I think its a bad scan but I like it in my book
  5. aztec

    as up!

    yo mr. holler what happened to the rest of those flix you had form that yard? :cry: :twitch:
  6. aztec

    ReNo WaLLs

    word but post some other writers shit to and dont just go for self promotion
  7. aztec

    new stuff

    dude if i were you I would practice for about a year and never take a picture of it
  8. aztec

    Toys post here...

  9. aztec

    Toys post here...

    no not that bad
  10. aztec

    Toys post here...

  11. aztec

    Toys post here...

    hey man dont paint sek I alredy know of one and he's a fucking prick, but he would burn you for shure. no beef just letting you know
  12. aztec

    Toys post here...

  13. aztec

    Toys post here...

    any advice on the 3d blocks? I have some trouble with them sometimes
  14. aztec

    Toys post here...

  15. aztec


    whatever yall are real balsy on the net