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  1. stolen from rhode island thread
  2. fuckoff


    bump for elk..dude is on some next level shit
  3. took this from the indiana thread...this isnt sik from philly is it? that S sure does look familiar though... <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v387/venomousin/100_1700.jpg"</img
  4. big bump for rime..one of my favs "i'd rather be doing this then smelling like shit" quote from gtv interview hahaha always had me rolling
  5. bump for out, bump for tax report, bump for niggas posting flicks. big bump for anyone and everyone that keeps a humble attitidude and dosent try to be king this and king that and super fucking tough guy thug..
  6. HAHAHA that part always makes me laugh in state your name, theres about 8-10 cans tops on the floor. and all that dirty ass weed ahahaha
  7. stolen from rhode island thread
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