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  1. double post.... stupid mice clickin on their own
  2. ^^bump for the end to end, top to bottoms^^ onorok evict
  3. "i'd get drunk draw a darth vader helmet on it and wave it around saying would you like to come to the dark side. " ubejinxed takes the prize i laf'd so hard my boss came over to see what was up [my job does not usualkly have me laughing]... read it over my shoulder and bust'd up too. peace
  4. not trying to make this an... not trying to make this an attack whitty thread... but why are you asking people for their opinions if you cant take their criticism... plus criticism makes us work harder which in turn makes us better.. unless you thought your shit was that good that everyone would be on your nuts... which is a toy mistake just my 2 cents
  5. ISORE sorry for the spam my box is all jacked up
  6. ... ... dude its two in the pink... one in the stink get it right peace
  7. i didnt see my work on your site. i did the huge face of a minister that says simon and jump next to it... its on the cabbagetown side of the tunnel. it has a red background... if any of you kats ever take a flick lemme know id like to see it peace simon
  8. Ummmmmmmmmmm i live in pittsburgh... thats why i put the PGH under my name. i got something in that tunnel and never got a flic of it. thanks simon
  9. hey anyone out there got any graf flix of the cabbagetown tunnel? simon POR, PGH
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