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  1. A small sample of the archives..... ...Yo, I shouldnt even be posting this shit! http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00414737f00000012.jpg'> Circa 1990 / 1991 Before half of you even knew what graffiti was... Know your history! Tazeke, Stash, Nemo, KE1, The duckey boys, Seattle Circut Breakers, .....OH SHIT dont get me started!!!
  2. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00414737f00000012.jpg'>
  3. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00414737f00000012.jpg'>
  4. If you dont know...Its that Kuthroat nigga ...Soul...So "Lick" the balls!!! TAKE NOTES TOYS!
  5. SET UP! Thats a hot alias! Bro, your name's Rectum! Nuff said???!!!

    The Bible

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DAMN! Although theres some hot shit on here (Doc, Min, Dondi, Web, etc...) My nigga REY ONE just BLEW UP THE SPOT!!! PEN FREESTYLE KID!!! DVStyle On some best kept secret type shit (don't sleep)! ...WE OUT!
  7. Let me explain somthing to you "MILTON BRADLEY"! Toys jock toy writers! I dont appreciate you yappin' off at the lip because you dont know what the fuck your talkin' about. Since you made the mistake of uttering DONDI's name outta your mouth, Im gonna have to punch you in it if we ever meet (although Im sure we never will because your an internet toy that has no clout anyhow). After I put you in your place you would go back and tell your toy crew that you got smacked by a real writer, GUARANTEED! I say nothin' on this site that I wouldn't say to your face! As far as arguing with you toys about style and an understanding of the artform, its a futile battle because you only hang around TOY WRITERS that gas each other and convince themselves that your on some next shit! Simple fact, IM RIGHT! Your TOY opinions don't count enough for you to be wrong! GET USED TO IT! So go ahead and jock "TOY-ASS LUCKY CHARMS" because he wount be around for much longer! For any other TOY that wants to pop shit! Step up to the plate, WE'RE PUTTIN' HEADS TO BED!!! GOODNIGHT TOYS!!! By the way, DONDI is one of the greatest that has inspired any REAL-WRITER that has come after him, GUARAN-FUCKIN"-TEED!
  8. Dude! This shit is cool! Hey, look at me, I'm on the internet jocking toys! YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF TOYS! SEATTLE FELL OF IN ABOUT 1997. None of you know what the fuck graff is and the chances are if any of you are found in the yard it would be a good day for my paint stash and a bad day for you! GIMME ALL YOUR SHIT TOYS!!! YEAH YOU! I havent seen more than about 2 good flicks on here and that toy ass jabber character aint one of them. Fuck your local toy ass heros, Fuck your crew, Fuck your lack of style. I rob your idols TOYS!!!
  9. YO! Kill this TOY ASS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without the crappy flicks MY ASS'!!!!! This shit is all fuckin' TOY!!! ALL OF YOU ARE A BUNCH OF LITTLE GIRLS!


  11. For the Record... The REY piece was done "for" Rey by SNEKE in 1996. The WENT piece he did was blazin' as well. That old "Leo" piece was also done by Sneke. As for that wack crab character, that shit was NOT done by Hews. It just happened to be hanging out behind his shit. The Urban Earth piece was done by Hews as well. Not Diego! The article mentioned was from the Pacific in the early 90's and featured CEZER (TC5 IBM), SOUL (DVS IBM), and REY (DVS, EDK, IBM). Cezer brought foundation and original NY style to Seattle in 91' spawning a more sound generation of Seattle writers. The style, formulas, and structure was passed down to Rey, Soul, and then Sneke. A majority of those James pieces where done way before he was put down with DVS (mid 90's). RECOGNIZE!
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