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  1. sorry .... i really get heated when i talk about the mid-east. .... :( (btw....fuck palestine)
  2. fuck all you anti-semitic assholes....seeking...go fuck yourself and your crew fag status ... dickhead.
  3. hey.....anybody ever hear about that dude NACE? ..... he signed my blackbook...it was cool.... then i got drunk and accidently killed him :o
  4. ... :five-o: ... btw, it only takes a few minutes to get your IP address from your AIM and Email, and after that your real address.
  5. i fucking hate europeans.... fleh :nope:
  6. hey! you know whats cool? www.killpretty.org :crazy:
  7. i shit on you....naw j/k :D faces are hard as fuck because if they are not perfect....they look messed up... www.killpretty.org 5000 pictures and countin'
  8. www.killpretty.org 5000 pictures and countin':D
  9. www.killpretty.org 5000 images and countin' :D
  10. why thank you...i try hella hard and shit.
  11. yea...it was a good book. but it felt like it was dumbed down hella. Like how all the chapters ended at the peak of the drama... kinda like "and then they opened the door to the dungeon, and they gasped!" .... fucking bullshit. and all the "facts" dude talks about are probably questionable. seriously though...it is definetely NOT some kind of genius book that is absolutely amazing, Da Vinci is just another one of them easy to read, airport, stephen king-esque books. .... for retards...you fucking retard
  12. you know what...im kinda in the christmas spirit so im just gonna say something....i really fucking hate it when people copy shit and then pretend like they created it, like "here! look how good i am!" when in fact that shit is just bitten. ::sigh:: i've caught friends being all "hey dude, how you like this charecter?" and then i'd be all, "oh its perfect, because it's 100% scanned"... but whatever ya know thats just me. hey, you know what fuck you i don't need your fucking approval.
  13. haha! you bite that one awesome show on adult swim, FLCL. HAHA!. .... i just like saying HAHA!....and jalalabad .... HAHA JALALABAD!
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