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  1. berns (tdu/dmjc), bask (2srs) New Zealand - San fran connection. 2006 Soon (tdu), 2tone (tdu/dmjc), anger (tdu/ik), sohai (tdu) 2006
  2. vent (rtr), 2tone (tdu/dmjc) 2006 with gasp, berns and ire.
  3. Re: Don't Call it Frisco What up from New Zealand, i just copped a copy of the 'piece by piece' documentary from bask who just came through Auckland. You guys got a nice scene, good to learn about the history etc. Hopefully one day ill pass through.
  4. neat (dmjc) el berns (tdu/dmjc) Lima, Peru
  5. the shogun bow down to no one. sohai (tdu) 2006
  6. yeah i like that one buzz. nice
  7. hahahahaha, back when mt eden was burning!
  8. damn u been killing it. Nice one with Kasino.
  9. pretty cool, looks abit like daps though. Just my opinion
  10. Here's some flicks from the DMJC crew! Peru, USA and New Zealand! Por mi chavals... First up some of neat... neat, dem and orbit, Lima, Peru Neat Lima, Peru Neat Lima, Peru Lima, Peru jake, dem, neat, CALLAO Lima, Peru Lima, Peru Lima, Peru
  11. dude hes not in NY. In Paris dude.
  12. el berns... qu'e pasa mi amigo? TDU/DMJC
  13. shotters. Those mews throwies fucken rock dude. Mixing it up. Yeah!
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