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  1. berns (tdu/dmjc), bask (2srs) New Zealand - San fran connection. 2006 Soon (tdu), 2tone (tdu/dmjc), anger (tdu/ik), sohai (tdu) 2006
  2. vent (rtr), 2tone (tdu/dmjc) 2006 with gasp, berns and ire.
  3. Re: Don't Call it Frisco What up from New Zealand, i just copped a copy of the 'piece by piece' documentary from bask who just came through Auckland. You guys got a nice scene, good to learn about the history etc. Hopefully one day ill pass through.
  4. neat (dmjc) el berns (tdu/dmjc) Lima, Peru
  5. the shogun bow down to no one. sohai (tdu) 2006
  6. yeah i like that one buzz. nice
  7. hahahahaha, back when mt eden was burning!
  8. damn u been killing it. Nice one with Kasino.
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