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  1. fuck a forbiden yard yo..word.NICE! :eek:
  2. edit* cuz elevate is a coo nugguh
  3. yo 1half- hit up my email i gotta ask you a question..guts0nex@yahoo.com
  4. worddd. alright cool. ill give you a ring sometime reaaaal sonn!!
  5. shake your tail feather or post pics-
  6. rest in peace R.I.P. REG One. you wont be forgoten.
  7. Gutsx666

    4 words

    damn, my life sucks..
  8. Gutsx666

    4 words

    why doesnt she care? Maybe youre too sensitive.....
  9. circle of dead children..as the sun sets..gorgasmmm..ya heard!?! ahaha slayer?!? cmooon now..:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. ...and we gunna par-tay like it yo birfday..n' we dont give'uh fuck cuz its yo birfffdaaaaaay....
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