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  1. yeah...no. if you're going to jock cliche graffiti, at least jock good cliche graffiti. at least you're sketching though. try to avoid arrows, try to avoid connecting your letters, and learn handstyles beffore you try to learn outlines. I recommend picking a handstyle you like by someone else, copying it over and over again until you start to understand what makes the lines crisp, and the shapes relevant, then steal the things you liek about it, and make a word out of what you've got. and don't paint anything until you meet someone else who paints regularly who says they wouldn't go over your stuff on sight. and don't start a crew. and quit painting pictures of shoes. and definitely don't give up, if you like it. no matter how much anybody hates. because they're definitely going to hate. people hate you when you suck, and hate you more when you get better. a lot of people just plain hate. so in closing, keep sketching, don't paint, start biting people until you develop style, and don't get mad when you get hated on.
  2. the third from the left, with the blue and the swirlies, is hotttness. they're all well designed, but that one really pops for me.
  3. do you have any more flicks of this? it's way hot. is that white at the top glare, or is it faded? more flicks please. are you interested in selling it?
  4. loaded auto racks are only supposed to stop at guarded layups and yards with 24 hour activity. that's not to say that this is always the way things happen, but this is part of the assurance the carrier makes to the manufacturer. Or at least that's the way it is at the ford plant in my city. So in general, if loaded autoracks stop at your spot, it may be hotter than you think. or it may not. just a thought...
  5. Sobr Break Dark Ges Mad Jesus No coup? You should seperate stuff you're involved with from stuff you bench,
  6. coupe and dark. I knwo someones from the midwest...
  7. Fish*Taco

    HW Crew

    Rhek Tonto Thesis Fatso nice thread
  8. Aktr Cake Joker fresh ass post
  9. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/ FUCK FOTANGO!!!
  10. I have no idea what you're talking about, OFFICER.
  11. bump for CAKE and AKTR. you should post that flik of the BOOZR wholecar.
  12. vinyl junkie, who'd you see up?
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