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  1. what yall think quick sketch for my girlfriends front cover on her portfolio http://uk.f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/master...ti&.dnm=ema.jpg
  2. merce


    hey peepz i jus wanted to no when yall started doin 3D did yall use perspective lines to do it or not peace merce
  3. merce


    most_blunted thanx for the advice but i dnt need it cos thats how my bro died u fuckin prick so keep ya shit 2ya self an its alot easyer if u do it of top of a tree ot the stairs u is a sad motherfucker
  4. sneak shut the fuck up you dont no what its like where i live before you start chatting shite get the facts "gangsta image" i aint trying to be no gangsta i dont want a life like dat but wat u want me 2 do walk round streets waitin for sum fucked up smackhead 2 jump out an jack me cos they got hold of a gat of there dealer dont fink so das why we all have em so shut the fuck up an concerning water pistols i was shooting ya mom wid 1 of dem 2 wash her cos her pussy stunk that much
  5. yea in the states i is from uk i jus puttin it into dollers so yall no plus my keyboard bit fucked so i cnt put pound on neways the r really expensive over here its fucked up
  6. wat u chattin bout brussels an yea we hav guns over here it aint all stuck up ppl yea dey may b illegal but dey ez euff 2 get most u ppl fink its all bout queen an t fuck the queen she a prick
  7. sum little pussy arse motherfuckers found where we hang an kame an shot my crew up while they stoned i gonna find up an fuk there arses up ppl hit me up bout crew members an friends who been shot make dis summin we all gotta remember not 2 do unless they fuckin ya bitch then u can shoot em or if dey shoot at u peace out merce
  8. merce


    jus askin c wat size blakbooks otha writers use i use a5 a4 an a3 peace out
  9. merce

    R.I.P MONY

    R.I.P mony not a big writer but big enuff in his own way an my bro may b gone neva forgotten an ill make sure dat.
  10. prisma r well expensive a guy tried 2 sell me em from a shop for like $60 for a pak of 6
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