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jimmy james

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  1. hahaha, your sig is funny, funkmonkey, because that actually happened to my friend, steve jumps, by his stupidass girlfriend, hahahahahahaha aw man, memmmmmories
  2. Re: sticka thats because people dont want to get fucking mutilated with your skills, dude. youre good.
  3. jimmy james


    for some reason i agree
  4. *note to self* kill the shit out of awkward eye that shits real good, cracksmoka put some color into a few more of those i live maybe 20 minutes away from philly, or 30, yeah, i'd like to see your shit around there sometime
  5. SkarsOdsk, why do they all look the same, and bad?
  6. holy FUCK it definitely is. its really visually interesting, but it's too hard to read for my eyes and yes, it's a bit cluttered.
  7. jimmy james


    for some reason i think its not
  8. not that fond of the style, but not bad.
  9. jimmy james

    Random ish

    why'd you just draw the jones soda company guy, and then make it look a little worse? the man in the suit is alright, a little sketchy. what does the first one even say?
  10. some kids just cant get enough of pot leaves in sketches.
  11. yeah you lick them stickers dont use money signs for the holes in letters, it reminds me of 15 year olds in wife beaters trying to make up for their lack of talent your stuff is really good, im just saying it reminds me of that, so just make lil dots or holes or smiley faces, heh
  12. the first few stickers are sketchy, but the rest is good
  13. it should have just been a thick black outline (no arrows) or no outline at all. but other than that, it's good.
  14. yeah, dude, dont be an idoit.
  15. oh yeah WHY THE FUCK IS YOUR NAME TAKO???????????
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