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  1. Todays runner was :cry: :yuck:
  2. Sorry to get you excited Loco... :haha: (other pic posted above)
  3. Work firewall. Will fix later.
  4. Liverpool St this week Fixed now - not feeling it all that much but nice to see of a morning...
  5. Some colours sitting in Liverpool St this morning (front carriage on both sides). On the white trains around the early platforms. Couldn't get over to get flicks - not my line.
  6. I agree. The second car is pointless.
  7. Nah, on the old style Great Easterns. Metro service I think.
  8. Another set of runners at Stratford this morning. Just caught the end of it, definately a West panel, and Snot (or Snor?). Just dubs but all good to see.
  9. Easy bulldog. Time was about 8.15ish. I'm not sure of platform numbers there cos I never get off but I was heading Liv St bound and the train was to my left (towards the tubes). It was heading towards Southend. If you'd been on the platform waiting for a Central liner you wouldn't see it cos it was on the other side. I've been going through Strat for about 4 years and I've never seen a runner!
  10. Caught 3 runners through Stratford this morning on a Great Eastern. 3 colour panels. Nice too. I was on other train so no chance of shots.
  11. I don't reckon it's ugly. They look like they've got some skills.
  12. retired_uk


    Because the photographer was standing still and the train was moving. ;) BTW I'm in 2 minds about this, first I think what a mission then I think, the first and last carriages - what a waste of paint! Then I think what a mission then I think what a waste of paint... :crazy:
  13. test: http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400232801_001P.jpg'>
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