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  2. not to talk shit but that's exactly what went through my head, i just didn't want anyone to think i was calling people out.
  3. arys, the first nekst and when make my day for legals. money stacks, vizie and ok bombing is fresh.
  4. lyrics born is awesome. that rate is top notch.
  5. honestly, you're worthless. i met preach once when i was insanely drunk so i'm not sticking up for him as much as i'm telling you that you are a worthless piece of shit. stop pretending you are worth a damn and go get a rep.
  6. that cav damn near blinded me, holy shit that's bright.
  7. that is some of the most god awful graffiti i've seen in kc. once again: pose and vizie bombing thumbs up. shitty legals thumbs down.
  8. why did someone bring this bullshit back up?
  9. those are tiny. also i really do not understand what you mean by "photoshopped flicks".
  10. shut up. cumball. ps a great terms for cubans and puerto ricans is caribeaner.
  11. ^^^^^^ no shit. good job on linking flicks from Freshsites.
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