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  1. nice.... good lookin' on the post P.
  2. "....who got scared and left the city of milwaukee...?" every writer who finally realized that the city near the shitty dirty lake sucks to live in. and whats with all this scared bullshit....you pride your self too much on being a fake ass thug.....let me tell you, your not. no one is afraid of you. so climb of your pony....its a little to big for you to ride if you catch my drift.
  3. quit acting hard kids..... ya'll need to stop acting like your hard...cause its just that, an act. go out and paint for a change.
  4. are for real....whoa. there must be a serious lacking in your life to waste your time making threats to me on a graffiti message board. i dont feel sorry for you.
  5. scared am i..... haha. you kids need to behave now. have a fun summer.
  6. def... dont ever forget.... that what makes something def. so yeah...dont ever forget.
  7. also bumps to my lions and atak. colt 45 too.
  8. sherbs and herbs that sherb and herb is fresh. like 80's day glow style freshness....
  9. lew that first lewis is off the chain... bump elk,a2m,hurt.....nice post dunny.
  10. ?? whatever. red boxes one minute....pictures the next.... god damn fotango confusing my ass. this is why i dont post flicks...simple minds like mine cant handle the shit. im going home.
  11. wtf???what happened to the flicks...there were no red boxes like 10 minutes ago? http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_003P.jpg'> http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_002P.jpg'> http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_001P.jpg'> http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_005P.jpg'> http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_006P.jpg'>
  12. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_005P.jpg'> Rest in Power http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_003P.jpg'> fourme.ema http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_002P.jpg'> awe2.ema http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_001P.jpg'> king apes.fcr.ue http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_004P.jpg'> ink.huffers http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_006P.jpg'> satan.mines.chyme.fst i really dont get down with the whole posting flicks thing because i have no resources. however, this past weekend, i made a trip to
  13. test http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400321839_004P.jpg'> test
  14. test http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://pi...321839_004P.jpg'> testoe
  15. nigga pleaz... joe....you aint no "nigga".... you more like jigga....joe nigga=jigga. bumps to the one like jerc.
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