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  1. Those Kickers that everyone thinks Seen trademarked. The ones Ces uses in every piece since he painted with Richie. Looks like Duster started the trend!!
  2. worst year for the IVY!! got it like 3 times, once on the dick!
  3. Good additions! Someone, bring this back to life!!
  4. LOL^^^ Good flics, croc!
  5. ^^^It's people like you that make this site really wack at times. All you are is another jealous TOY^^^
  6. Yeah. Bump Zek for the dopeness and trying new things!
  7. Bump that half of Stak next to the Ojae!
  8. This is great! Famest Stars And Skraps. All the cans on the ground for the flick. Awesome!
  9. What in the hell happened to this thread?
  10. the female caps from Trout Art supply are the best by far!
  11. Damn good flicks, CT!! I wish people would add to this thread like they did last time!
  12. ^^ If you do those as tranparent bkgrnd gifs @ 600dpi you will get rid of that white border around everything^^
  13. ^^But SO ILLegal^^ I wish people would add their flicks from the last thread.
  14. Damn what year is that vet? never seen it before. No 3d green inside, yellow outside. strange..
  15. Some great pictures in here. Lovin the Old BX prods! Bump PoseII flicks as well
  16. Thanks for starting this up again, Jive ;)
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