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  1. VS lock you up? Def not (for obvious reasons), but you give the regular police a great reason to (good idea taking down that pic btw). Also, You post pics of graff you did and tell everyone the exact street it is on, with your location listed right under your username. C'mon, man, use your head. Just looking out
  2. This guy def won the "Moron of the year award" for posting that pic, and with only 2 days left in the year!! Now that's an accomplishment!!
  3. That's pretty cool bc Gano is from SI
  4. I dont think It's a good idea to talk about specific towns or cities on here, and I understand Sype and Bro may not be the best artists in the world, but there names are in your mouth, so they must be doing something right. No Offense..
  5. That Pic of Rihannas face looks just like Prince..


    Trap is sooooo underrated. been going hard for the longest!
  7. No offense taken at all.. If I had a good experience and spoke about that no one would complain, but since I spoke of a bad one, I am wrong? Or, if everyone spoke horribly bad about any one person and someone chimed in saying how great they are, they would be wrong as well? It's just my first hand opinion. My point was, just bc someone contributed so much to a cause or did the greatest work, it does NOT make that person (as a person) great. Someone once told me, the people you look up to the most in life, you are probably better off NOT meeting bc 95% of the time, they will disappoint you. Sad but true..
  8. IMO = In my opinion My BAD experience has been with him first hand, NOT what I have heard or read. I hate to even admit that I have ever met the guy. You can say YOU dont like when people hate on seen. I know so many people do hate on writers bc of what they read and hear say. ADER as a prime example. I'm taking it you do not know seen to well, bc if you did, there would be no way would be giving him any type of respect.... I agree with you on his contributions and to me it just sucks that a nice guy does not come with such a great legacy =( So I guess what Im trying to say is I like his graff but not him as person.. GRAVE - I guess I never got around to telling you the story bc if I did, you would have not ageed with Zed, in this case anyway..
  9. Ok. Confirmation here. The Zien is Zine! 1992 buggin out. I had no clue. Lol
  10. I hate seen. IMO bc of his contribution to the scene he is now the Biggest disappointment in graff.. Sucks when you look up to someone for half of your life and they turn out to be the scum of the earth..
  11. BuMpSs.... Only when it comes to K ;)
  12. ^That has got to be the best shot I have ever seen of that^^
  13. I know I know.. I was just pointing that out.. lol
  14. LOL ZIEN up there!! it's not our ZINE hahaha
  15. Tempt Seat Focus Faip. Do your thing!
  16. So yea. I agree with Dieclan!
  17. Westchester does have talent. I just don't understand why some people would travel to such a dope spot to throw tags and do throwups. Makes no sense.
  18. Tell me about it! No clue where Gliko is.
  19. My bad. Know how u feel. U have every right to be pissed off. So who here's given Westchester a bad name?
  20. Pretty sure the people u are referring to were painting before u were born.
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