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  1. bump for this shit,hope every1 at bdo was off guts,and had a dope time.
  2. bump this thread bac to the top so i dont have to find it later,hope every 1's new year was sweet,peace..........
  3. that baker and qskus would have to be one of the dopest things i have ever seen wether it be steel or wall,i cant imagine any one not giving that the props it deserves,bump
  4. cheers to clichedarrow,i aint seen that serb piece in quite awhile,and this was the last place i thought i'd see it,lol.bump this thread and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!:D
  5. nG i'm glad ur givn them free advertising,those "stealing dealing killing" wholecars have burnt my eyes,dope as shit!
  6. http://pic6.picturetrail.com/VOL146/1153045/2177775/26262692.jpg'> AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!!!! OI OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. mOrPncB

    your a fag

    seiko,jade and sum other nice flikz......
  8. respect for the cleans! u boys r ib the hardest state in oz for cleans and u still pump em!!! dope shit,peace!
  9. fuck it man,flikz r flikz and u got sum dope shit there,keep posting!
  10. man there r sum nice fukin catches in there,good work.
  11. easily the most active train crew in the world,mad respect......
  12. does ne 1 have flikz of the colour "selling drugs 2 kids" e2e? its the 1 in DH2,please post :)
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