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  1. Ah shit,, a dluks= Super BA.. that drop out..
  2. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00470348f00000001.jpg'> (ugly)(tre)(arek)(con)
  3. hey, shit happens old wack faded piece, few trains in the yard, etc.. if you been around the track awhile , you know you did it too... more writers these day, more fraded trains. On with the show
  4. I want to see some cartoons of sek serving that tall lanky dude some elbows at that warehouse.... that was good shit,, sek talking shit to some dude half his size.. good stuff
  5. Re: NEW VIRGINIA/DC GRAFFITI DVD Buy this , buy that.. ? How about I jack you for yours and just make copies for my all friends and crews. That wil make me a more thug out ganster, wont it?... Dont advertise bro
  6. more sleep on, then a sealy posturepedic... ugly
  7. Off the top of my head >The go-bots >Samantha Fox >Duct tape cardboard in the front lawn after watching the movie breaking >Tough skin jeans >Ford pinto >Flashlite tag >Blair on the facts of life > the old man drinking a 6'er of Red,White and Blue >Team Alva, Hosoi , Schmitt stix >Welcome Back Kotter >Rolling cuffs at the end of your pants legs OK, i dont want to have to think about it. I'm done
  8. Re-post I was late on the thread....
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