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  1. bump, please post more, made my day.
  2. that soer wall is killer. nice flix
  3. you shoulda come down here last night. turn your phone on, ima hit you up later, ill be your way this weekend.
  4. revek

    INDY 500

    why cuz his letters are straight? and sorta wrap around each other? thats just a dumb comment. influence maybe, but bite??? come on....
  5. i had a good convo with you that night and good luck with all that shit but...... im sorry.....were those sad crew pieces not worth the flik or not worth the scan? kind of disrespectful to throw those pieces in with the dino character as the only pieces you didnt post. actions speak louder than words.
  6. revek

    INDY 500

    whats up from VA to my FLV fam out in INDY....arest, hymn2 etc.
  7. revek

    mostly va

    my men: moron, jysto, goner, repay.....
  8. the last one is fucking envy you dumb shit.
  9. FBI: Al Qaeda operatives may target U.S. railroads State of alert remains at "yellow," or "elevated" Friday, October 25, 2002 Posted: 9:05 AM EDT (1305 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI is warning state and local law enforcement officials that al Qaeda terrorists may be planning to target railroads in the United States, including passenger trains and trains carrying hazardous materials. According to an FBI statement, the warning was prompted by information obtained from al Qaeda detainees in mid-October, as well as recently captured al Qaeda photographs of railroad engines, cars and crossings. The information indicates that the group has considered targeting U.S. passenger trains, possibly using operatives with a Western appearance, the FBI said. But no specific targets were mentioned, and the overall state of alert remains at the "yellow," or "elevated" level. The FBI said additional "protective measures" have been implemented along railroads, "including increased presence of law enforcement officers, increased surveillance of critical areas and improved physical protections." Amtrak has increased patrols of its facilities and trains, and freight railroads have also stepped up security, the FBI said. The FBI said the information suggests that terrorists could try a number of "attack strategies, such as destroying key rail bridges and sections of track to cause derailments or targeting hazardous material containers." On Tuesday, security chiefs from U.S. railroads received a briefing from the Department of Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency contracted organizations representing chemical and petroleum companies, the FBI said. thats from cnn.com
  10. the shooting last night in manassas was right off a VERY busy road... it was around 815, there would be so much going on then that no ones going to make any sense of what happened. the fact that a white van was seen on that road at that time means shit also.
  11. its too early to say whether hes smart, or a genious, or whatever...at least i think so. if he continues to stay stealth in communities that are on the lookout for him for a long period of time, it'll be real scary. hes smart enough to puzzle crime profilers, and hes definitely very skilled at what hes doing.
  12. dont talk shit on north va. i wish they'd catch this fuck.
  13. im glad you guys are laughing and cracking jokes about this you fucking degenerates. there's nothing funny about someone killing innocent people, let alone sniping them from a distance. maybe you guys who live halfway across the country can sit back and think its interesting, make a joke or whatever, but if this were a little closer to home you wouldnt see much humor in it. kever north va.
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