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  1. ENER of SB(Steady Bombing) & WOW(Worlds Outstanding Writers) crew of miami. he resently died about a weekago from a bloodclot in the brain from medication, after having 50 sheets of plywood fall on him at work. he well b missed. and will not b forgotten. rip in peace...
  2. hey i asked for some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM! if i wanted hating and to b told to stop writting and whatnot, i would have gone to the local haters,theres plenty of them. -graffhead
  3. sketch[constructive criticism]*fixed* sup all. well any form of constructive criticism would b nice. sorry about the fact that the img kinda suks i took it with my webcam. ima try to take a better one and ima add a sketch when i can scan it. graffhead http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/graffhead/character.jpg'>
  4. hmmm on the poll wheres the negative remarks like - funny joke - i really hope this is a joke
  5. can b urs or others. anything is appreciated. =]
  6. sup all. well im trying to compose a graff mag. sorry dawgg... poor form. we dont allow solicitiation on our site.
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