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  1. That sounds about right. I mean were all born anarchists untill the ideas of governments states and capital are shoved down our throughts. This country is a bad place but not nearly as much as the third world countries we ravage to sustain our oppulant lifestyle. Shit, if I lived in columbia my 'matter of opinion' would be met with a barrage of US made bullets.
  2. Well there were most certainly agent prvocateurs present at seattle just as there has been at any large protest since the birth of cointelpro. But there were no doubt many more spikey haired anarchists who indulgeg in property alteration. Well whoever they were you are incorrect about them bringing down the heavy hand of the law upon everyone. Its an undisputed fact that the first 'actions' to take place in the seattle "riots" were peaceful sit-downs performed by people who were decidedly non-violent. All these people did was sit down in the middle of the street to prove a point. This is when the police got violent. Ive seen footage of masses of pacifists gathered in the street being peppersprayed teargassed and straight up beat down for no reason. This police started rioting long before the dreaded anarchists even showed up. When they did arrive they arrived to a scene of complete chaos (not anarchy!!!) and brutality. If old women are being gassed in the street do you think anybody is concerned whether or not some spikey haired kid is having a few words with the window of strarbucks? The police created the level of tension on the streets and are responsible for the end result.
  3. Agent Uprise


    That swashbuckling alien shit on the cover of thier last (?) mag. was fucking DDDDDDDDOOPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee. WYWS sucks.
  4. Damn Kabar, I don't know what you've been eating this week but it must of been awfully fucking BITTER. Your comment above is the typical media stereotype and I must say I would expect better of you. We can go back and forth all day about what an anarchist is supposed to act like and how that compares to the actions of anarchists of today, but it would mostly be he said she said. Like I said before, if people are curious they should peep www.infoshop.org to see what we're doing. No. Contrary to what fox news would have you believe, we do NOT believe in chaos or have any aversion to 'groups' 'movements' 'organizations' or whatever. Actually we are a very tight nit community and believe very strongly in free association. Statist ideology says that you may not fraternize and conduct buisness with Juan because poor Juan lives across an imaginary line called the US/Mexico border. Anarchists dont believe in the idea of a state and there-for the notion that people should be caged in by man made borders is not something we honor. Anarchist theory is that of one against Authority. This means that while we do have groups no one person has a monopoly of its power. This belief that power is to be distributed equally to all participants goes contrary to everything we are taught about human relations and gets dismissed as "window breaking spiked hair punks".
  5. C'mon Kabar you know damn well we dont even prescribe to that whole 'private property' bullshit. If your using something or its a personal effect then its all yours, but as for a wal-mart full of widgets is concerned, fuck it. So the CEO of wal mart cant get a third DVD player in one of his Lincoln Navigators, boo-fucking-hoo!!!!! Stealing from stores (except independent shops) is like a double negative. Capitalism relies on stolen labor to produce shit so how could you even make a moral arguement against stealing it back?!? As far as crimethink, or most anarchists, are concerned, stealing from a mom and pop store is a BIG no-no. If you wanted to be a MAN and live fair and square you move off the stolen land you live on, stop using the stolen technology you are (windows) stop eating food grown by other people who get PAID SHIT, youd make your own clothes instead of wearing those produced in sweatshops, etc etc And finally whats up with this guilt shit about riding trains? Doesn't the term land grabbing rail barron mean anything to you?!
  6. Those are nice campfire stories about prison (except the fact that they're blatently racist) but they aren't nearly as absolute as they may sound. You dont have to join a "white prison group" (ha!) to survive. If you act like a man you get treated like a man. PERIOD. Just cause some black gangbanger (usually homophobic as any gangbanger is) sells drugs doesnt automaticly mean hes some foaming at the mouth "white boy raping negroe". You have a bad habit of overly romanticizing things. It doesnt take very much to get locked up these days so consequentially the jails are mostly filled with NON VIOLENT drug offenders. I dont know why no one else is calling you on this but its the truth, prison is a terrible mental torture beyond anything you could ever imagine, but as for all the violence/raping its not anywhere close to what movies and popular stereotypes would have you believe. ALSO, you said that prison is worse than jail. Anybody with even the smallest experience in either would tell you its the OPPOSITE. In jail everyone has a name to prove. They have to prove to thier gang that they are worth banging with. People are in jail for relatively short amounts of time so no one knows anyone elses and the 'proving yourself' issue is constant. In jail the inmates who assault/rape other inmates have yet to do such and are mixed in with all elements of the population, some of whom are unable to defend themselfs. Heres the kicker, if you are in jail you are either serving a small sentence or have yet to be sentenced than you don't give a fuck. Youll be gone soon enuf so your free to start all the shit you want. In prison you get time off for good behavior. TIME OFFFFFFFF! You think motherfuckers wanna fuck up thier time over some dumb shit. In prison the time is longer and things get settled into a routine. You only have to prove yourself a few times because people know who you are. Im not saying shit doesnt happen but people are trying to get out, not throw "kill whitey" orgies. On that topic tho, white people do have prove themselves more than a black person would.
  7. Do what you should of done since the beginning TALK TO YER FUCKING BOY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. that fucking asshole shit talking motherfucker (whats his name?) from amerikas most wanted!!!!!!! Fun Trivia FACT: The reason he has such a pathetic vendetta against 'criminal scum' is cause his daughter was kid-napped and murdered. Talk about lashing out!!!
  9. You can go to www.infoshop.org to see what whats going on in the anarchist "movement" and ideology and practice and stuff. Im sure what ever city yer in has events and what not, if yer interested in learing more you should drop in.
  10. http://www.freephoto-i.net/browse.php3?username=BlazeOn7777&file=guncontrol%5B1%5D.gif'>
  11. railfan: its all good, I just obviously strongly disagreed with what you said. No disrespect tho. Kabar kabar kabar: Must we go another round? Klan- last time I was at a Klan rally was last year. We kicked the fucking fuck out of them and I gaurantee they will never be back. Is violence wrong? Maybee but I think its less wrong than not standing up for what you believe in and not meeting people on the level they come to you on. "The only way we could have been put down, was in the begining, violently in the streets" -A. Hitler Gangs- I hate em, absolutely hate em. ESPECIALY that gang that wears those metal stars on thier chests. Liberals- Hate em. conservatives-hate em Guns- Every one should have one, not just the police. shoe laces- why do the ends ALWAYS fray after like 3 days!!!!!
  12. Im not saying Im suprised I got fucked with, I actually saw him coming and tried the old 'casually walk away' routine. I just thought it was a little odd that he felt the need to pull a gun on a tresspasser in broad daylight. Thats a horrible example. The klan has a history of killing and harrasing the stereotypical jarule fan, black people. They would be perfectly justified in killing me if I showed up in klan outfit. Do bulls have a history of being repressed and murdered by railfans? I think thants really REALLY fucked up you would even dare to make the comparision. Not only are you making bullshit excuses for "security juice monkeys" (HA) but you insult the terror imposed upon blacks in this country by the klan and thier collaboraters (cops,bulls...) And as far as what you said about him supposed to be there and me not, fuck all that. Just cause some land grabbing rail tycoon stole the land doesnt mean Im gonna respect it!!!!
  13. Bull: What were you doing up there on the tracks? (as he exits his car gun drawn) Agent: Oh I was just watching that train go by. Bull: Watching the train?!?!? (dumbfoundedly lowers gun) A: Yeah, was I not supposed to be up there? Sorry about that. B: Well why were you up there. A: I was watching the train go by. B: Why? A: Um, cause trains are cool. I like to look at things I like. B: Yeah well uh, why were you up there in the first place. A: I WAS WATCHING THE TRAIN GO BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. While not all skins are racist they all adhere to a far right wing, mostly fascist, philosophy. Just cause they don't dance aroung with sheets on thier heads doesn't mean they're not complete assholes.
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