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  1. my grandfather was in the O.S.S while in ww2. he wasn't in europe but he was in deep in the pacific war.he doesn't like to talk about it at all, like most people from the war. i know a few things he's done before and they pretty horrible. my grandfather told my dad and i once a story that while on a operation in japan, a woman was going to tell a japanesse solider about my grandfather and he had to slice the poor womans throat. he's done some horrible things for our country, he's got all his medals and awards, and his pension i guess. he's lucky he only lost half his hearing from a grenade attack on his squad. he breaks down every so often like any war vet, but its amazing so people like my grandfather are still alive after that war or any war. my great uncle also served in ww2. he was part of d-day but was on the later invasion group. he was a tank driver but was given a tank destroyer to drive around. he stayed alive for the first year or so but was killed in his tank by german panzers in a firefight.
  2. for first handguns i suggest a snub nose.38 or a sig p228. i just bought a p228 and they are awesome. http://www.clanmdp.com.ar/Sig%20p228.jpg'> this and 2 clips are all i need
  3. i thought that was the fun part of fast food, not knowing how sanitary you're food is:D
  4. love is a motherfucker:dazed:
  5. http://www.77investigators.com/bountybadgeopt2.gif'> we need to get a group together for this stuff.
  6. no, and i shot 300 factory rounds though it in one sitting and it jammed at least 9 times. i knew of a few other people that they jammed on. they're nice but not the best. too much hype on this pistol, i'm down with sigs now.
  7. i got ride of my glock, they jam too much
  8. kissmyass#1


  9. i think you need to get more friends or go out more with normal people
  10. hey mr.abc holla at your boy. take a shot of whisky and do a rail for me man. i'm drug free as of 2 weeks ago.
  11. nothing like a good slice of pepper jack cheese:p
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