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  1. :nope: while you sip on the h8orade i laugh:lol:
  2. uh i hope u aint tryin to write Kemoe, cause, names pretty taken, not to mention the fact that an ill as kid from miami got that name on lock, KEMO MSG IMK, and yes, it is the same damn name cause he does KEMOE pieces as well... just to let u know...
  3. ok...this morning, i was having this dream of an asian couple...the female looks hot and all...but when she bent over (doggy style position) an erect penis was sticking out her butt. the penis had a little curve to it...nd then the guy came up from behind and then...yeah...i couln't help it...i had a wet dream :o
  4. paint markers prisma markers prismapencils :) though i don't have the balls (yet) to actually walk in with a backpack :beat: and yes...racking is addicting...very.
  5. ok smart...the threads title said 'banged'. when i saw this, i thought you meant 'banged' as in www.bangbus.com 'banged' just to let you know :D back to my math hoework now.
  6. why don't we ask him if aliens exist?
  7. all this talk brings back memories...i think imma DL the emulator followed by ROMs :D haha i remember when my NES was kinda messed up...when i put the cartridge in, it would srping back up...so i put another cartridge atop of it to keep it down...HAHA ahh the memories... i will get back with my list...fuck the top three shit. the adventures of lolo was dope..though i never beat it. i will as soon as i get the ROM..MUAH HAHAHAHH:mad:
  8. i still have the same pack of cigarettes since late february. i smoke when i am bored and have nothing to do. hmm...i have like...11 malboro lights left..mMm
  9. the hump meister gives a thumbs down to bugs/insects...or maybe it's because i'm scared of them. man "bling bling" would look nasty if it was to get smashed. lots o' guts
  10. haha faggot...i swear asain gangs are gay. im also asian...anyways....if no one knows..."AP" is asian pride...theres a gang called APG asian pride gangtas....gay gay gay...fuck i wanna make a new screenname: aznsRgay
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