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  1. who would have thought that after months of absence there would be female orgasm talk happening here? my vote, (not like it counts) goes with the "rythym" post the "practice lots" post, the "sensual touching" post.... and now the egoswelling post: i am an ugly motherfucker but i pack it where it counts. okay, so it isn't my ego that made the quote, but it has a certain ring to it. if you show enthusiasm for exciting your girl, and don't get upset trying to make her nut, and just enjoy the time together without keeping score, (as long as you are at least tied in the end, 1-2, yeah. that IS a fucking tie) anyway, as long as you show the attempt, and talk to her about it, her mind will gear up for it, and she won't have to "hope it happens this time or else" she just will. and from then on it gets easier and easier. "Broke-in Pa-ginas"
  2. panda save a hoe to the rescue.... hmm, i am only about fifteen hours away from puyallup by way of a 97 nissan maxima SE... of course i dont have a nissan maxima so lets say 20-24 hours... LOL whats this broken heart shit about? tell me your side, so i can continue to think you can do no wrong..... and begin to hate on the other guy... much internet love and deep fried hostess cupcakes. edit: fuck twinkies. second edit: Batter Phried
  3. pimp n panda

    art fagging

    thanks for the excitement. better than an upset stomach from golden topping on my movie theater popcorn. i told her a little bit of golden topping, i should have said un pocito anyway, i think this guy in the early twentieth century was feeling the red hot poker of love pierce his intestine at the folsom st fair, nam sain? or too much of that original recipe coke... hmmmm... enjoy life. don't be askerred to eat dirt once in a while. let's you know you alive. -------------------- Blahzayblah Phewchurism
  4. first board was a bob bahne fiberglass. some late sixties early seventies shit. big red urethane wheels, and bahne was in rainbow colors on a light bllue background. latest board was the element rerelease of the natas kaupas panther/triangle from the good old sma days.... nice big board for a big dude to ride on. haven't taped it yet, still wearing out a powell blank my buddy screened for me
  5. i think the culprit who was challenged into stealing the money should have left the canvas with no dough. and just the thumbtack and a dirty outline where the big face would have been. this way the new folks who hadn't seen the "art" would have said "what fucking hunnie?" as by that time there would be none. instead it said "steal this hundred" and there was still a hundred, only smaller bills, so the "passersby" and "innocent unknowing public at large" would not have thought twice about it. i am with roo about the "antagonistic officer art" aspect of the whole thing. guilty until proven innocent or caught on video catching a beating. edited for this reason only: ------------------------- Benjamin Phranklin. Been Pilfered.
  6. the strap on comment was only meant with love, woman. the impotence joke hit below the belt.... LOL hehehehahaha anyway anyone remeber the old skate video where the dude had a hipper that was so bruised he actually cut his leg open and pushed out the clotted blood into his bathtub? shit was nasty...
  7. how the hell did you hurt your arm climbing something? i was gonna sugest to get some platform shoes but then i read it was your arm.... LOL, looks painful. and i have a few "alternate lifestyle" teases i will leave out of this thread out of respect to your pain.... okay so i lied.... here's one.... since laughter is the best medicine why didn't you use a strapon dildo as a grappling hook? no pain, no strain -------------------- bruise poking
  8. what is this the "tra ifih" thread? i think that shit is irish. is it bad when your urine smells like pork products? ---------------------- bacon piss 2002 churning through a town near you.
  9. hmmm. when a big assed hillbilly mother fucker scoops you up by the nuts and body slams you across a car hood. that is when you know you are fucked. just be glad they can't run for shit, hopefully. only thing that made sense here is to stay calm, watch where you are gonna throw and try to take time to think about what you are doing. it will save you from punching the fucking ground or the top of some guys head. and don't ever think you will win or lose a fight. keeps you desperate. okay now back to playing gi joe. (blind punches)
  10. if only a photo could show the messiness of my life put a new mirror in my bathroom. got drunk. got a new bathroom cabinet for the one i broke putting in the new mirro attempted to "get more drunk" off of chevy's watermelon supergrande margaritas they suck. bring your own tequila booked a flight to orlando for this upcoming weekend. bought zipties for the hostages. stared at 12oz and wondered where i had been all my life. capture that in a pic.
  11. bump for ceres, intercontinental style.
  12. bad ass mo foes. i was gonna say this thread is bangin, but since it was the only words to come to my brain i decided against it. P.S. silo, your work goes over well with everybody. and that macwork puts my "sprayalism portraits" buddy to shame. keep it up. leave it running
  13. props to bodice. for the haters: believe me there are much worse out there, and you should be happy to have bad ones too..... ------------------------- body pictures
  14. thanks to devilush? don't tell me she broke in your girl for you... hmm, devilush and another girl... strap ons and anal penetration? that is too much for me to handle right now. where is kissmyass, the other stalker, he has got to hear this one...
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