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  1. the revok and nace tributes would both be bitched about if they didn't say the names they did. most people don't say what they think, they say what will get the 12oz teenybopper fan club happiest.
  2. damn that learn is pretty. joe shut your mouth. i have seen uglier. hah.
  3. ...and they are small enough to see. i think you almost got it. the light pink fill, dark pink outline, jade shell tead needs to be posted. that makes my heart go pitter patter.
  4. Rhubarb

    Spotted 51

    anymore info? colors of tead or ? and any location at all if possible. thanks.
  5. smokin...joe have a job yeah i found that out the other day when i was up there to stop by the eye doctor. i like your car though. heard its running pretty well. book worm? free internet man come on now.
  6. that happened to a girl at school. then she got kicked out of her sorority, her coach showed her parents, she lost her scholorship, then dropped out. the movie is called dz slut.
  7. the simpsons is my favorite show but... it has to end some time. i don't ever want it to, but they have to end it before it starts falling off. not saying it's falling off right now. i can definatly see the show dropping in quality in the future and for the sack of the simpsons as a whole that shouldn't happen. maybe when it ends there can be yearly hour long specials just so it won't die.
  8. both you fools who posted above me. i came by when i got home friday to find no one. ill be around. actually im at the library right now, so maybe i'll stop by.
  9. Rhubarb

    Spotted 51

    that korn was kofn im sure. oh and they are on here somwhere. don't know if they'll get at you. check the detroit post in brickslayers.
  10. i remember when one of my friends got the internet. he was one of the first people i knew with it. we used to go on aol and pretend to be girls and ask them to have sex. then say we were 43 year old truck drivers from alabama. that was fun when i was 11.
  11. ill stick to my 8 inch long nail. of course as a last resort, which i have never used. also useful for nonviolent purposes.
  12. Rhubarb

    My City...

    your location says none of your damn business but you make a post telling where you live down to a mile?
  13. i didn't think you were 26 i thought you were 14.
  14. tead monster getting caught hell yeah.
  15. structure hat abercrombie sweater plain white tshirt structure pants joe boxers columbia sandals
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