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  1. ^^^ That's fucking stupid just for a post. Waste of bandwidth. :( :( :( Quoted post [/b] There is a logical explanation for this....Are you blind?
  2. and boy do they suck. props to sires peice game.
  3. Agua being my favourite wall writer. WHatsup with that ACH hand thats too close to Ag's hand? ANd on another Yes..CRNOT has no place inside pennsylavina state lines. faget.
  4. well its not rocket science. <3<3<3<3
  5. Nice picks on the last page B and DUB..nice.
  6. last two pages are awesome.
  7. I got a flick of that NME rooftop, funny shit. fun city. minus the dead serious anti americans.
  8. All the wrong people to be discussing style.
  9. damn dude needs some help.... Quoted post Quoted post [/b] SHOE.
  10. word to knacks for those phill phlares.
  11. Retarted. Ive been sitting at the computer too long today or this is just retarted.
  12. Not only is boner hitting spots but hes hitting them hard. I know there just singles but when i look at that last flick i wanna see whatsup with the fills first and foremost.
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