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    Originally posted by info


    Its is 4.25 a can but if you probably contact them im sure like most paints its cheaper in larger quanities.


    the online price, i think its a round off for guys who want smaller orders.

    or maybe cause it is the first edition cans(hard core paint collectors)


    who knows ,there doing it though.


    Um I got a feeiling you might be just a little more than an info bot.


    Stock or sales?

  2. Re: Re: ........you filthy little people....


    Originally posted by Devilush

    i want a piggyback ride.


    where have you been? i havent seen you in such a long time. how's everything??


    Been working on BIG projects with the montana guys and sprapex. Probably have a few angry customers but most things are taken care of. Trying to prepare for sprapex phase 2. We will have our own line of montana-esque paint in around 4 or 6 months.


    Good lookin out lush. Still look at the short cuts everyonce and awhile and think about you. e-mail me from the site.

  3. Originally posted by nang'eds!

    For anyone who can't be arsed to read that long thing, there is no fake montana different country's different company's


    Bet you wished you knew what you where talkin about.

  4. Originally posted by Daze One Million

    you gonna still stock montana as well? and if not, are you gonna have those value packs with the new shit?


    We will have both but the NEW paint is ILL and american made. Costing us about 40 grand to do but WELL worth it. Finally an american brand of good art paint.

  5. Originally posted by rubbish heap

    hey caps


    is sprapex.com ever going to restock montana?


    Hard to explain, but we are gonna be comin' through with our own line of paint in about 4 months. TOP NOTCH SHIT to.

  6. Originally posted by KALIS

    yep, theyre sponsored by the german montana. blah blah blah, who gives a fuck? you know what your getting now, if you dont like it dont buy it. ive never had problems with either the spanish or the german, or proline for that matter. if you cant paint clean with this shit, you seriously need to go back to the drawing board.


    Um its more about the principal than anything.

  7. I need:


    1. A pic of a lobster doin' it with a monkey.

    2. A monkey doin it with a ruff ryder.

    3. A flying squirrel sponsored by big-o.

    4. A mexican that is applying for a job.

    5. A white guy getting the job instead of the mexican.

    6. A picture of ODB getting paid from my mom.

    7. Applesauce

    8. Hillary Swank in drag.

    9. Raw meat on my face.

    10. Raw face on my meat.



  8. Wow


    yall worn out? I'm gone for a week and nobody wants to battle anymore? Alright, last move:


    Airtrack to 90 to late disaster followed my a tiger upercut. Then I sit back with everybodies moms and collect cash like its mine.

  9. Originally posted by NOUM

    Airflare in circle and kicks the shit out of all the by-standers in the 12oz croud.


    'cept me 'cause I ducked into a poster pose and came up with a handspring to finger bang ALL the ladies. And they said woop woop, all ladies said WOOP WOOP....

  10. Originally posted by BeetNIK

    bump for stupid awesome threads, and bump so caps responds to my question, holla!


    yo. I come at you with some 540 rodeos to late back spin...oooo.... and then SNAP YO NO I DIDN'T, I'm in your mom's pants doin' flares!


    As for sprapex, it's on the chill right now cause we are doin a new site and comin out with some new shiz. Can anyone say "american born paint"?


    I'll get at all the cats when we are re-opened.

  11. Originally posted by NOUM

    flare,backspin,air attack




    OHHHHhhh...snap. Gots me good on the chin you did. No matter. Next move, next move....


    Swizzle stick, tripple flip, sweet FREEZE, and body shot.


    Got your block I did.

  12. To be honest I been diggin the new digitals comin out. If you can get ahold of one with 2 or 3 megapixel quality it is fresh. Nice and quick to. For what you would spend on a dope 35mm you could get a nice digi and a nice color printer AND a nice stack of photo paper to print on.


    My opinion.


    Oh and yes e-bay is nice for gear but check the sellers rating to make sure they are worth a shit....and also THIRDS!

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