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  1. Re: Wow I say again, like it's mine.
  2. Re: Re: CAPS IS SCRATCHIN HIS HEAD sneaky little fkr huh.............
  3. CAPS IS SCRATCHIN HIS HEAD Um I got a feeiling you might be just a little more than an info bot. Stock or sales?
  4. HOOOOOOOOOORAY Everybody post up the best shot of your fuckin mouths! YEAH.
  5. Re: Re: ........you filthy little people.... Been working on BIG projects with the montana guys and sprapex. Probably have a few angry customers but most things are taken care of. Trying to prepare for sprapex phase 2. We will have our own line of montana-esque paint in around 4 or 6 months. Good lookin out lush. Still look at the short cuts everyonce and awhile and think about you. e-mail me from the site.
  6. ...self I'm self centered and have bad hair. Sorry to ruin your bad day.
  7. ...thanks........ In accepting this award I would like to thank all the 20 dollar nobbers and 50 dollar bags of endo I got from my 3 grade teacher Ms. Giglioni. Only in America.
  8. BIG WORD. The Monument is on fire at dusk.
  9. Grafitti is for loosers. I lost at poker once. I have no left leg to show for it. Post up your 3 things your most greatful for this holiday season: 1: People a. stabbenings c- foreskin Piggyback anyone?
  10. Bet you wished you knew what you where talkin about.
  11. We will have both but the NEW paint is ILL and american made. Costing us about 40 grand to do but WELL worth it. Finally an american brand of good art paint.
  12. Hard to explain, but we are gonna be comin' through with our own line of paint in about 4 months. TOP NOTCH SHIT to.
  13. Um its more about the principal than anything.
  14. I need: 1. A pic of a lobster doin' it with a monkey. 2. A monkey doin it with a ruff ryder. 3. A flying squirrel sponsored by big-o. 4. A mexican that is applying for a job. 5. A white guy getting the job instead of the mexican. 6. A picture of ODB getting paid from my mom. 7. Applesauce 8. Hillary Swank in drag. 9. Raw meat on my face. 10. Raw face on my meat. Anyone?
  15. Wow yall worn out? I'm gone for a week and nobody wants to battle anymore? Alright, last move: Airtrack to 90 to late disaster followed my a tiger upercut. Then I sit back with everybodies moms and collect cash like its mine.
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