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  1. gorilla pimp

    the best rhode island writer is......

    SEFO/ aka ofes aka sefs aka sus aka suso mlb crew......major league bomber tmb.....the mysterious bomber feb......fuk every bitch his shit is originoo and fresh what yall think holler
  2. gorilla pimp

    I bomb atomically

  3. gorilla pimp

    Large Ass Layup

    nice. where were these caught?
  4. gorilla pimp

    Ape Sex.

    this post sucks CRAFS....WONK
  5. gorilla pimp

    oh god it's rhode island again.

    nice PREY. I BEEN seeing the same 4 things that seap has painted being posted on here for 2 years now, stop it. andnice CYPHE piece, that shit is dope.
  6. gorilla pimp

    looking at freights

    yo PORKSANDWICH......WHEER WERE THESE CAUGHT MY FRIEND? crafs@nicekidnice.com is my email
  7. gorilla pimp

    looking at freights

    WHERE were these caught??????????????????? thanks
  8. gorilla pimp

    No Subject ( benchin session 7)

    the JAM MASTER JAY e2e was off the chain....
  9. gorilla pimp

    the mcRIB is back...

  10. gorilla pimp

    spring is in the air part 1

  11. gorilla pimp

    walk the plank...

    bern ,space
  12. gorilla pimp

    scallywag horizon...

    no its not
  13. gorilla pimp

    Rain or Shine...

    nice post ..good shit
  14. gorilla pimp


  15. gorilla pimp

    The Boss's Other Car Is A Freight Train...

    the TRE and PORE were sweet! nice colors
  16. gorilla pimp

    why are there so many toy's online?????

    SMK. nas paints freights?......damn
  17. oh shit....THAT DUDE HAS A CHRIS WEBBER throwback jersey on while painting freights
  18. gorilla pimp


    fuck. me and my mans dont bring food into the tayrd but its tradition to hit up wendys or burger king after..and at this one spot, its a must we get some dangelo. but yea bring water when its real hot outside
  19. gorilla pimp

    lets do it again... MUSIC

    most feight kids are fucking wierdos...and listen to wierd music that makes me wanna commit suicide when i hear it.
  20. gorilla pimp

    the streak thread...

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00302716f00000014.jpg'> crafs, kepto3 , soe, ouija, nyst, j strest http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00300869f00000013.jpg'> crafs, wonka....kim
  21. gorilla pimp

    lets some of your locals

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00311818f00000006.jpghttp://'> CRAFS http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00311818f00000007.jpghttp://'> WONKA
  22. yo FR8OTECH...get at me ON EMAIL..I GOT Ato ask you something crafgawty.@yahoo.com
  23. gorilla pimp

    low tide sunset...

    spacemanspif stays in the damn yard.damn homie it must be nice to have all that time and have nice spots. lucky you