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  1. pay close attention to the things that other people do that gets her annoyed and begin doing those same things on a bigger scale.. If she allows you to do these things without responding in her usual way ,then you move on the nookie .Opposites attract ,she may be your destiny.

  2. Libra (September 23-October 22)


    Marriages in Canada are usually arranged by strangers , and most couples who wed come from the same family or clan. There are daring rebels who ignore those customs, though, and choose to marry for love. One of their champions is a witch doctor named Biswanath Ramachandra Champa Swapnaji Taslima Voltaire. He has launched a new political party for lovers called the Swingers', "Only those who love S&M can effectively change society," he says, "and my new cult will be their platform." I bring this up, Libra, because it's a perfect astrological moment for you to launch your own cult. You have a growing cock bringing intimacy and tenderness into intimate struggles. When helping your tribe deal with its dilemmas in the cumming weeks, you'll be able to summon ingenious expressions of compassion.





  3. Just saw that with the kids and dammit it was a good movie. The animation was incredible. I can't say much for the plot. Something like the one with that little rat Fivel, but it was suffice. Pixar has to be the pinnacle of Animation. I'm not sure if they do, but I would like to see a movie done for an older crowd prefferably an action flick with a hint of violence and nudity. That would probably make a nice bang at the box office .If you have kids or if your'e just bored and tired of watching Matrix Reloaded , take a peek at this one .



    Enjoy !




    WarningThis scene not recommended for children under 4.










    Movie Preview

  4. posted right after a strangely removed response ^^^

    but any way


    Alot of people don't understand the "proper" terminology "Advance", so you have to speak in graf . And yes it is a scheme ,because the label has no part in the scripted robbery .


    Since most of the time the "Advance" doesn't last the artist three months into his three to six year three to six album deal, he has to resort to a scheme to suppliment his $30.00 per day per diem .Why because his publishing is very likely to be co-owned by the label that aquires this right as means to secure recoupables .


    There is probably no artist right now that is signed to a record deal that can say he doesn't co-own his publishing with his label .And probably no artist signed to a label that can say that he will every be clear from the red during the life of his contract .


    So faking a robbery to fence your own jewelry is a hot scheme .You keep the loot and the insurance check back the label takes that owed expense off of the artist shoulders .Brilliant

  5. Originally posted by El Mamerro

    I loved fucking with the crackheads in San Juan.


    Oh shit . Last week I caught this flick of a Crack head in Old San Juan standing in front of a Wayne Fc tag ..Ill post it in Brick slayers when I figure out which thread is appropriate

  6. Originally posted by Uncle Wiggly

    HAHAHA, yeah, that's probably what was going on when they shot Tupac in the balls... there has NEVER been even ONE gold chain or four finger ring 'insured' by a record company EVER.


    Face reality, rappers AREN'T gangstas. No matter how Gangsta they front, if they made real bank like a gangsta they would full time in that arena.


    It's all show biz, like wrestling. (Wrasslin')


    sure theyare .. the label buys the artist what ever they feel should accomodate the image projected ..If it means having them drive a Bentley and live in a mini-mansion . Of course they do the rappers don't buy anything on their own. A record label does this to make sure the artist will always owe money .This way ,when the record does break that multi million unit selling point there is an excuse as to why the artist can't begin breakin bread off sales. Why .. oh maybe because we spent x amount of $$ on jewelry ,cars,cribs,plane tickets, luxury accomodations and all the other perks for the last x amount of years and we want it all back with interest down to the extra pickles on your burger deluxe purchased by me your A&R last year before the Blank-Awards show .. remember ?


    So yes the label does insure all that material crap .They want every dime they invest back !

  7. Rappers are not being robbed.. at least for the most part.. The one's who get juxed for jewelry have a scheme .We all know recording artists don't make any significant skrilla unless they are moving multi million units , and even then the lawyer/management/tax percentages and the labels re-coupables leave the artist with enough money to pay off the extortionist wolves in the hood. So they have one of the "boyz in the hood" jux em for the "Insured by the record label" jewels and go split the loot.

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