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  1. im OCD about everything now. everything is gonna kill me and im constantly in peril etc.


    -recognize that its a panic attack and not a heart attack or asthma attack etc.



    I am in the exact same spot right now. I started having panic attacks about 5 months ago and now I over-analyze everything and every little muscle spasm or ache is something that might kill me. It's pretty miserable for sure.


    You're advice on recognizing that it is a panic attack and not something else is spot on. When I had my first real panic attack I literally thought I was having a heart attack, I had to have someone from work take me to an ER just for them to tell me I was perfectly fine...and send a huge bill.


    It's insane what you're body can do, but being able to recognize an attack coming on can help you sort of take it in stride and hopefully limit it's effect.

  2. I saw a guy rocking the green's at the gym, they looked nice. I would just look goofy wearing them though.


    I know a lot of guys around here aren't down with New Balance, but this was my latest grab:



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  3. Yeah, Denver really doesn't seem that bad. I have lived here my whole life and outside of some widely publicized incidents it seems relatively safe assuming you don't seek out trouble.


    The theater this occurred at is about a half mile away from my apartment, and I never felt uncomfortable in the area, the news this morning was shocking.


    I wouldn't hesitate to visit.

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  4. I love those Asics Cervidae's, I will probably try to get a pair when they drop. I have a couple pairs of Gel Lyte III's and they are really comfortable.


    I dig New Balance's too, depending on the model.

  5. found this little guy in near perfect condition




    I grabbed one of these too last week. I have never really carried a knife regularly, so thought this would be a nice start.

  6. i dunno how some of these members power post to 5k within a year.... i was gonna try for 10k before the new year but frankly its too much effort doing it without spamming memes..or freeposting


    No joke, I have been around for 10 years and ain't even close.

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