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ac slater

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  1. what? thats crazy..i was just down there around june for vacation and i went to that shop to get the bling bling andrew reynolds..i didnt catch that shit though...where is it, around the corner? its not like i miised too much anyway(no disrespect)........
  2. ac slater

    SF photos

    nice shit....:dazed:
  3. good fucking post asshole! havent heard from you in a bit..call me up and we can go out with bunghatch and do shit (you know)....get ahold of me... later........ ------------------ ac slater
  4. what the fuck is that supposed to mean? fuck off cunt!!!!!!!!
  5. i shoulda hit a tag on that fuckin truck..oh well.....call me bevis..later....
  6. good job guys!!! when the hell did you do that? d and 16th? this couldnt have been recent........later
  7. ac slater


    nice job guys(arys metal cold spider)...i get off in 3 days!!! hit me up! ------------------ ac slater
  8. ac slater

    fruit boots.

    damn you guys need to chill out...sure there are some downright intolerable bladers but over the years ive just learned to ignore them..there are actually some pretty cool guys that blade who frequent the park closest to me so i guess all it comes down to is your overall attitiude..if the bladers act like dicks, treat um' like dicks..if they act cool,do the same towards them..now what i cant stand is the bladers who automatically think that you have something against them, so they talk shit behind your back or try to snake you...that really pisses me off, so what i do is just snake them and if they got a problem then we can settle it..all im tryin to say is dont hate anyone because of what they choose to do, hate em'if they deserve to be hated and dont let them ruin your time....skate and destroy!!!!
  9. damn, you caught alot of old frieghts..good post though...yeah i hear you on that one bevis, but you could at least spare mynas..hes a cool guy.. ------------------ ac slater
  10. this is a hella funny topic...shaq!!! what about that shaq album called "shaq fu, da return"??classic!!!i agree with most of these but you cant forget chris webbers album, "too much drama"..these basketball players need to just stick with sports.
  11. listen to this shit!!! who gives a fuck what kind of member you are?? this is a stupid ass post and should be closed...
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