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  1. Are2

    Cooking with 12oz

    Re: Cooking with Are2 jokes mang, jokes ;) s'all gut
  2. Are2

    Cooking with 12oz

    Re: Cooking with Are2 word to dee38 i don't really need someone to "show me" how to "cook up hotstyles" i got techniques drippin out my buttcheeks (sleep on my stomach so i don't fuck up my sheets)
  3. Are2

    Cooking with 12oz

    Re: Cooking with Are2 huh?
  4. a man once gave me a large bouguet of flowers that he had picked out himself..that was the best but, if you're looking for a single flower, make it something exotic..like an iris or an orchid or lily...
  5. the widespread popularity of capitalist society is not brainwashing it is proof that in his heart, man wants money and convenience.. living, breathing proof of greed...
  6. burritos in the mission legal wall on haight street duboce tunnel for the illegals
  7. i think sex is better when you are into the person, and in love enough to want to please them (almost more than you want to please yourself) there are definitely some earth shaking shattering mindblowing times you can only get from someone you are in love with or very into.. and btw...i don't care if my man pants...he's working the shit out of it for chrissakes!!!
  8. my favorites... b.i.g. ready to die wu tang 36 chambers smif n wessin dah shinin eric b and rakim let the rhythm hit em main source breaking atoms
  9. what's that burning???
  10. i really liked this movie cocaine is a bitch
  11. people are unobservant, totally absorbed in their own little lives... ...but on the other hand...hindsight is 20/20 i meet weirdos every day
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