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  1. damn you and your themed card! j/k. I had an icky day and to find it stuffed in my mailbox when I got home, made me happy. It was the only card I got this year. Gratsi!
  2. mean people suck. So... due to me being given a church address, I will be receiving my package back tomorrow. If anyone is interested in trading with me, let me know. I'd like SOMEONE to get what I made. :twitch:
  3. david http://www.enl-models.com/models/David/David01.jpg'> zack mir http://www.enl-models.com/models/Mir/Mir01.jpg'> http://www.enl-models.com/models/Mir/Mir05.jpg'>
  4. object of my obsession Paulo http://www.enl-models.com/models/Paulo/Paulo-10.jpg'> http://www.enl-models.com/models/Paulo/Paulo-12.jpg'>
  5. http://images.allposters.com/images/54/039_41063.jpg'> I think I may have posted Noah before.. but I couldn't help doing it again. I'm such a sucker for his boyish dorky good looks!
  6. didn't see this til now.. That made me sooo happy!... Gratsi! Ok, enough of that gooey sappy shit. Time to search for HOT BOYS!!!....
  7. ...after all this time.. the SAME guys are getting posted? WTF!!!! By the way.. that guy.. above (w/cowboy hat, not so hot.. but he does have a nice ass.
  8. stop feeling sorry for yourself and MAKE shit exciting again.
  9. I'm sorry. My heart goes out to you and yours....
  10. you are super. so super that i robbed a bank in order to get that package out to you...
  11. qandnotu - both albums (No Kill No Beep Beep/Different Damage) modest mouse - paper thin walls modest mouse - interstate 8 miho hatori - night light (off the Urban Renewal Program) neil finn - wherever you are
  12. www.kexp.org college radio. (if you're into that sort of stuff...) they also have archived shows from the past 14 days. listening ranges from reggae, hip hop, indie, (list goes on and on.)
  13. First and foremost, I'd like to have my rent paid for a year. Second, I'd like a year’s supply of food. Last but not least, a yearlong metro pass. Is that really asking for too much?
  14. Windex works just as well as bug spray does. For ants that is. Deodorant marks: Just rub the material together and poof, it's gone!
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