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  1. Fuck it, I'm just going to do my whole archive. Old school OPM and friends... Enjoy! more to come later.
  2. an oldie but goodie...
  3. I can't believe there's actually a Louisville thread.
  4. how many times has that ecas been posted now...
  5. <tastycakes> SF1 is my hero! </tastycakes>
  6. ...doing a rooftop accross from a titty bar. drunk gets thrown out onto the street, stumbles around for a bit. a cab rips around the corner and hits him, everyone from the bar comes out to see. drunk continues to stumble around and curse / spit a passing cars (i guess the cab didn't hurt too bad) cops come drunk resist arrest and gets a beating and thrown into the back of a cop car. cop / cabby chat for a while, and go into the titty bar w/ drunk in the back seat of cop car flailing around, banging his head etc. etc. we took the opportunity to sneak off the roof and get the fuck out. needless to say the roof didn't get done, and we were stuck up there for over 2 hours. funny shit tho.
  7. you talk too much. at worst your a cop, at best you're a mark-ass dick rider.
  8. mods, this thread is done! please shut down.
  9. ok kids, time to get out and make some more flix for this thread...
  10. does someone have the "blairwitch" flik?
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