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  1. I haven't seen the movie, but Eliza Dushku or whatever the fuck her name is is simply the hottest chick on the planet. I love her....
  2. What?! I just got back from a weeks vacation, only to find that T.T Boy is going up the river? What for? How? When? Shit, this sucks.... Good luck in court. Calgary will not be the same if you're gone
  3. I concur.... I'm glad your dad is ok too
  4. For real. It's propoganda against people they don't even know did it.
  5. I ain't saying I believe in it. Just saying it's some creepy shit. Someone also said Nostradamus died in the late 1500's. Kinda hard to predict something when you're dead
  6. There is some SERIOUS shit going down.... Planes flying into buildings is one thing, but Nuclear bombs? Fuck, I'm glad I'm not in the states right now. You should all get the fuck out of there
  7. shit....what can you say? RIP...hope you and your family can get through it. We're always here, man.
  8. KidGoneBad

    drowning pool

    Yeppers, nu metal sucks major ass
  9. Yeah, ok Macster, I see what you're saying, but I still stand by what I said. I was referring to the government when I siad it. If they are planning on bombing Afghanistan, simply because the man they SUSPECT to have done it is ASSOCIATED with them, then don't expect them to just sit back and let it happen. All I'm saying is, if you bomb them, then these people are gonna do the exact same thing to you. As for that article, in my opinion, it's total bullshit. Americans are always looking for a scapegoat. Sorry, but it's the truth. Now this huge racist anti-muslim propoganda campaign is going to be launched, I guarantee. The names sound made up, as does the entire story. Not being an American, I can tell you that the world sees you as pompous, arrogant bastards. A huge stereotype, I know, but that is what the rest of the world sees you as. These Arabs dancing on the street are those crazy fuck heads that may be responsible for this. Once again, 99% of them feel the same way as everybody else.
  10. That's exactly what I'm saying buddy. You're all holding these Arabs responsible for what some minority has done. "Give me a gun, nuke this fucks". You want this shit to end, go after those that did it. You've got money, you've got the whole world backing you, go after them. Don't put the blame on all Muslims or Arabs or whatever. 99% of them feel the sorrow and pain that you and I do. And who even says it was them? You seem to forget that the US has as many fucking nutcases as anywhere else in the world As for reap what you sow, do really think these people wouldn't retaliate if you bobmed the shit out of them? Gulf war, missile strikes on Iraq, Israel, wherever, you bomb so many fucking places it's hard to keep track. This shit has just been building up, and just exploded. It's hard to say you didn't see this coming. I feel for all Americans right now, wherever they are. But you people have to drop this typical Gung-ho, "let's go nuke some Paki's", neo-patriotic way of thinking if this shit is ever going to stop. Otherwise, just expect more and more of this.
  11. Nostradamus was some prophet in the 1600's. I think he was French. He mad all these predictions for the future, like the French revolution, the holocaust, the rise of the third reich, all this crazy shit that came true And dude, New York may not be the holiest city in the world, but it is basically the center of the world. You could say God's city. And the brothers? Come on, man, TWIN towers? Fuck, I mean, he's not gonna say exactly what is gonna happen.
  12. Exactly. Glad I'm not the only one who isn't an ignorant fuck Let's not forget that they still don't know who did this. Maybe your own neighbour had something to do with it, how the fuck do you know? Stop blaming Arabs till you know who actually did this
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