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  1. dont know if they were posted already, but here anyway.
  2. nice, saw some dicer stuff in chatt this weekend.
  3. holy shit, im the most up on this page
  4. no stabs. jokes yes. that article was good fake articles, lulz
  5. http://www.theonion.com/articles/shitty-graffiti-artist-captures-19yearold-girls-he,26859/ nosy in the news again... :scrambled:
  6. the reds? theyre 240 under union ave.
  7. a little nosy in a memphis indie film
  8. not too early to ask for subsurface pictures... where the subsurface pictures at?!
  9. yep, much like what i think a midol box would look like, if midol had an R...
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