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  1. RIP man sorry for your loss and any one els whos friends or famly died,fuck those bastards
  2. most hackers can only screw with aol shit like chat rooms and shit which is stupit, plus its pretty easy to get caught unless your really good, they can trace any thing some kids at my friends school sent bomb threats and we caught like a day after the person got them
  3. i have a kid like that only he thinks he is the best at every thing only thing is he sucks, plus he calls him self a punk but is a hick who lives out on a farm
  4. this summer i worked from 8am to 4pm mon-thurs we had biuld dirt roads in the middle of know were it was like a fucking chain gang
  5. dude i started skating a little after winter and in colorado its the best time to snow board so i didnt really have time to skate i was up boarding during my free time, but thanx every i have gottne pretty close now
  6. were do i get the plug in for the video?
  7. alright i started skating about half a year ago and can oile really well, do shove its grind but when it comes to kick flips i just cant do it my front foot wont get on the board in lands first on the pave ment, so if you have any comments ill be glaud to hear them
  8. one time i was with this friend of mine and we on this roof top and to get down you had to hang down and drop and i went and it went fine and then he droped and landed on his ass it must have been a 6 foot drop from hanging, but he coulnt sit down for a week with out having this little ring thing so his ass woudnt touch the chair
  9. i have this girl who lives in my area, i used to go over to her house, but nothing ever happen but i say go for it, just invite them some were, i dont know but two girls damn that would be nice
  10. i have a story it didnt happen to me but this kid i know was asking this guy, how to get to the mall, so the guy said wait here, 20 mins later he came back with some cops, and they arrested him for grand theft auto, so he had like 4 bucks and some weed on him, the cops said they thought he stole the money from one of the cars so they took it and they said he stole the money in the report and then they gave him back the money. and then they said he had 1 oz of weed when he had 1/8, but they never charged him with the auto theft.
  11. i get alot of little falls, i hate when your board stops and you dont, dumb rocks
  12. has said many times before, they never take off any cloths i thought this was some bar movie with porn but it was some dumb chickflick
  13. oh, yeah has harpon marx said the books were good, you got to read them much better
  14. alright first i saw a trailer talking about how the dinos were smart, so i said maybe they could pull that off, then i saw a trailer saying how it was about rich people going thir for some reason, so i said ne all know the rich, and dumb people die and there dumb for going back. Then i saw a preview talking about how they were getting their kid or something, so i dont know really what will happen, plus the 2nd one sucked
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