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  1. Target IMOK East L.A. #messy #imok
  2. East L.A. #Scrapcans #messy #Whocares. :)
  3. In the LBC Target IMOK, BSB
  4. Ill Mob of Krooks, If Motha only Knew. I Murda Other Kids. IMOKILLLLLLERS!!!!!!
  5. Yeah I took SP to this spot I use to paint. That wall soaked all the paint. Anyways good pics
  6. Cromag RIP! Nice to see TOST. WOL!
  7. SICK! Love the no-neg style Gaze rocked.
  8. Chumped me when I was in beantown? First off fool it's BOSTON not beantown 2nd I'm from and live in Boston and as far as me getting chumped is comical. I would love to know who told you that. It would be entertaining to see how far this story can go. Lets here it pussy. LOL Ha I was chumped... that's a new one. TARGET IMOK
  9. Yo Jick "Scribblesofwateveryoudo" is a Toolbag. LOL Oh and Jick you're such a Legal Eagle HA! HA!
  10. Can we all have a group hug? HA It's Graffiti not a world peace sumit! If someone can't take the heat then don't bother picking up a can.
  11. My BSB brothahhhh East always bringing the heat. freshness! ;)
  12. ^^^ Get out of here.... who bites Bates? :)
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