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  1. yea,revok is untouchable. i talked to him a couple of times and he's a rather humble guy for all the shit he's accomplished.bumpity-bump
  2. and here's another set to sit on: axl rose vs. slash al bundy vs. homer simpson ron jeremy vs. jon holmes george w. bush,sr vs. george w. bush,jr tom green vs. johnny knoxville maynard james keenan vs. trent reznor powerpuff girls vs. charlie's angels
  3. holy shit,i was gonna do danzig and rollins! well,anyways: dee snyder russel simmons ozzy james brown ? ewoks walken rollins! b real
  4. yea,umm,i feel neglected,so im gonna fall on the fucking bandwagon and say "someone guess what i look like" (you will propbably be really far off though)
  5. in response to T.T. Boy's post on the classification of hip-hop,that was excellent. it mostly rings true except i live in the south,so the classes are a bit different. 1."the preppy white thug" gets into high school and decides to try and be a wigger,yet they arent accepted by other more "hardcore/real thugs". they usually have store bought systems in a brand new ford mustang or mitsubishi eclipse (care of mommy and daddy). they listen to lots of different music,but mostly the "rap runoff" that they overhear the "hardcore/real thugs" listen to. these people tend to dress in preppy clothes,but have fat cuban chains with crosses on them. 2."the hip-hopper" these kids are the richest,whitest,and the biggest jokes in the south. they claim to represent all "all four elements" and wear clothes such as triple five soul,pnb,ecko,etc. they usually try to put on fake new york accents and use the word "yo" quite frequently. they get jumped and robbed quite often although it is no problem for them,because they get more cash from the parents. these are the people that during the absence of getting laid during there high school years will write "how to be hip-hop for dummies" and strike it big. 3."the real thugs" these guys are by far the coolest motherfuckers in the south. they arent that bright,they're funny,and they usually like "crazy white boys". they tend to shun the two aforementioned classes,because they know that those people are worthless bastards. they have stolen systems in shitty cars,and usually always have cocaine and a gun in those cars. they know how to kick people's asses and hustle money,and listen to the most ghetto ass rap from the south (that just sounds oh so good!). but you have to keep tabs on these people's language,due to the constantly changing slang terms,or you will be left behind and not know what they are talking about. these are the "hip hop/rap classifications of the south". ive come up with these classifications through years of observing people,although i fit into none of them whatsoever (im a white kid that listens to tool and the misfits). NOTE:these are only the classifications for the greater south. if the level of respect these guys recieve elsewhere is different and you are offended,dont bitch,because as true as this post is,it is pretty much just a joke.
  6. i have always thought that nostradamus prophecies were interesting to read,but i had a feeling this one was fabricated due to the year 1654.
  7. im glad you said that you arent anti-america,because that is something thats been very annoying to me in the past few days. although i feel we should not go off half cocked in any attacks,i do agree that there should be no distinctions made between these terrorists and the governments that give them safe haven.
  8. i appreciate the intelligent way you have criticised this. i too am tired of hearing the two extremes that are "fuck america,we deserved it" and "bomb the sand niggers". i do believe though,that whoever did this,which almost ever clue points at bin Laden and the Al-Quaida (sp?),is very fucked. i really doubt that they expected nearly the whole world to side with us in this matter. this is a war on terrorism that the better part of the world is going to win. and i also agree with the president making no distinction between these terrorists and the countries that harbor them.
  9. thank you canada. you hate seeing america getting kicked around,try living here and listening to spoiled rich kids talking about "fuck america",when they dont realize that america is one of the few countries that would allow them to say something like that.
  10. 2nd pd class today. office aide comes in with a note that my teacher started to read. he's reading it saying "huh? no way! really?!". i proceede to fuck with him by saying "yea,they even wrote it on green paper",he looks at me and says a plane crashed into the world trade center. turn on the TV. whoa shit. i am still shocked by this. seeing the twin towers crumble fucked me up. im still at a loss for words. i almost got into a fight with one of my friends today for going on with his mindless bullshit "yea,fuck the government". so tell me why fuck the government? or even a step further,why fuck the police? aside from a corrupt few (which you have in any business),they just do their fucking jobs. right now 73 police officers and over 200 firefighters are missing for an attempt at a rescue effort. these people are heroes whether you want to admit it or not. as much as people want to hate the american government because zack de la rocha says to,there is no fucking reason to. i heard taps on the radio today,and then the national anthem,and im not going to lie,i fucking cried. not too many other countries have as much freedom and opportunity as we do. ill quote george bush in saying that "america is the brightest beacon for freedom,and no one will keep that light from shining". what happened today is probably the worst thing ive seen in my life,yet im gonna have to listen to some dumbass trying to sound cool by saying "fuck the government". yea,well fuck you,go tell that to the families of the new york police department,fire department,world trade center workers,pentagon workers,pilots,flight attendants,and passengers of the hijacked planes. when you say that shit,you identify with the people responsible for the deaths of these people today. condolonces to all that have lost someone today.
  11. tool-lateralus good CD,great instrumentals,but,i still like aenima better.....
  12. i knew there would be some kind of fucking idiot on here like "yo,yo,yo,wherez da fuckin graff,dog. dem paintins is mad wack,dat fool aint got no fuckin can control". most people want traditional artists/critics to accept graffiti as art,yet you fucks cant do the same. get a life,youre not an artist,just some fuckwad with a can and bad grammar.....
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