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  1. of all the good spongers i know, everyone is an idiot. of all the surfers i know all but like 4 are cool. so spongers are nerds. bodyboarding is cool just not the people.... i watched bluetorch tv today, they play good music sometimes like swollen members, turing machine and moka only..
  2. no doubt is horrible. everytime that eve video comes on i wanna drop kick that ho...not eve the no doubt girl.
  3. sorry guys, i think i couldnt understand the directions, i think i messed up.
  4. hi im here, although i think im late, but i was probably up after you kids, i dont go to bed untill around 630 every morning.
  5. ha yea that song is the shit. i remember getting that cd the week it came out. i was in like 6th grade or something. originoo gun clappaz. that whole cd was on the slow tip, but dope
  6. does anyone like hardcore related zines. a few of my favorites are.... in/abondon...evasion..and of course heartattack, although sometimes the columns get repititious as hell... what about you guys.
  7. i had an acoustic once only i used it to keep my door closed by proping it up under the door knob and my mom opened the door really hard becuase i was a bad boy and it snapped. i was like 8. i used to play, well hit the strings, with a penny.
  8. word is bond i love that picture represents me all the way hell yea...... oh wait im a virgin who doesnt smoke and i have like 3 dollars. oopps
  9. ill pay good money to become an elite..huk ah nigguh upz.
  10. gloria record seems sad. they are good though. also bright eyes seems to have some sad songs.
  11. fight club sucked, didnt see snatch, lock stock and 2 smoking barrels is that jam though.
  12. my turntablist membership card says my dj name is Lord Walrus the Vampire Turntable King.....
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