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God Awful

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  1. get rumors going that you gotta big thang and your badass in the sack.
  2. wow, ever get the feeling people are talking shit about you when your not around?......
  3. Ha...i had a little more faith in you Scar, i didnt think you would stoop so low as to flapping your gums on the computer. So make the correction,i stopped writing TM the last time i painted with you.hummm...i bet even you can figure out why.
  4. friday>im taking a girl out on a date.Im 21 and never been on one.im more like a get drunk and fuck kinda guy.so this will be strange.but hopefully we will get drunk and fuck. Sat.work.paint. Sun.day freights, oh yeah, im talkin E2E's all by my lonesome.unless god steps in and orders my friends to paint with me.hmmm...yeah ill be rockin out by myself.
  5. God Awful

    Older women

    she was 26,i was 19......but if it was up to me it would be nothing but sweet 16 until the end.
  6. if your gonna do drugs...do them.but use it as a vacation.....like go to la-la-land....then come back and know that vacations over. im sorry about your friend josh.dont keep all your shit in your car,and be good to your man.
  7. i had an ongoing thing with this one chick......we would get drunk and fuck.but i wanted to fuck her friend.......so one night we chilled,no big deal.it was late and they decided to leave. when i was walking them to the door i slipped up and said "dont leave,no really stay here and lets fuck"but i said this to her and her friend.shit worked out for a little while,then girl #1 freaked, left the room and we continued without.same thing next night except when she freaked we were like,fuck it and just fucked in front of her.a couple months later i moved in with them.me+them+alcohol=lots of drama and sex with both.
  8. "facehead"when there is too much face on a bitches head. "mooky"when she looks weird and you dont know why....
  9. kidman...yeaaa ricci...until i colapsed modanna...yep janet j....yep missy...im 6 foot, 155, white as white can get, she could proably handle a dick the size of my forarm.but if i had to fuck her to be able to fuck em all..........yes i would that girl....id sacrafice a pinky toe.....i would say both,but im saving one for briney spears. id hit the whole second round except that old scary one that looks like THE devil. and as for the 3rd.........im gonna leave that alone. c.d. yes ricki yes cathy yes blondi yes
  10. God Awful


    ive caught 2 shore peices in one of my spots.....one was "so bad"(meaning good)and the other was "so bad" (meaning bad).
  11. wow.>>>like sands through an hour glass............
  12. God Awful

    a few 4 u

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