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  1. i was in chicago not to long ago , i didnt hardly see shit graff , but i wasnt really looking in all the right places
  2. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/joe%20black/Untitled%201.jpg'>
  3. this is why 12oz is cool!
  4. TOE-FOO


    be so much cooler if it said follow the yellow brick road instead
  5. nice flix, really l iking piers stuff alot
  6. boobies , nice graff, and a queers shirt .... cool dude
  7. i did a tag on one a couple of those fucking cadilacs in texas...
  8. allow me to retort graff jesus... elks letters are very nice , simples and all. and he can get down with the artsy fartsy to . what a dreamie......
  9. lota dts and next shit on spraythis.com that im to lazy to load up on this forum..
  10. ya i cant see em, no firewall , no pornblocker ... what the damn deal!
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